Clay Paky Management Visits AED group HQ


AED group, the AV-industry Solution Provider, was honoured with a visit of Pio Nahum (CCO), Valter Rossi (COO) and Emilio Cornelli (Sales Manager) from Clay Paky to celebrate the excellent collaboration between 2 leading AV-industry companies.

‘Dry-hire’ company AED Rent,  the Equipment BANKER with offices and rental stocks in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, has recently invested in another shipment of the powerful, pure beam Sharpy. This resulted in the total number of available units to the rental market of over 1,000 units !

“Already from the first prototype we recognised the potential of this powerful fixture and decided to invest massively into it,” states Steven Mansvelt, Light Department AED Rent. An initial order of 300 units was already doubled within a month, right after introducing the first batch which immediately resulted by a larger demand of the rental market.
“The Sharpy is true innovation - extreme brightness with low energy consumption and a very compact size. It is also lightweight, it has a small beam angle and of course the fact that it is a Clay Paky ‘family member’, made it the right addition to the AED rental fleet “.


AED Rent is supplying the Sharpies  to AV Rental and Production companies as “multi-functional and extremely versatile fixture and it appeals to the creativity of many LD’s”. It’s clear that it’s features cover demands not only coming from touring, or music events, but also theatre and television productions.

“The demand of our customers is simply huge : it goes from Brussels to Rio and from Las Vegas to Sydney, encompassing many different styles, tastes and technical cultures,” continues Mansvelt. “Some regions are up to date when it comes to the latest technologies and some others are further behind. Nevertheless, our International clients expect us to offer top-notch and reliable equipment.
If Clay Paky continues to listen very careful to the industry and keeps on manufacturing similar quality products in the future, there is definitely a clear possibility for them to take a bigger market share and perpetuate their success !


AED Rent adds that it also offers Clay Paky’s Alpha range, and has also just invested in 300 of the recently launched Sharpy Wash, taking its total Clay Paky rental stock to more than 3,500 units.

“It’s fantastic news that AED Rent now has such a massive stock of Clay Paky fixtures on offer and that they are being utilised on a global scale on some of the world’s most prestigious events,” says Pio Nahum from Clay Paky. “We are grateful for AED’s continued support, and logically we look forward to work with them in the future.”