Clay Paky Announces a Partnership with ASIMETRIK in Turkey

Clay Paky has announced a partnership with ASİMETRİK SES, IŞIK ve GÖRÜNTÜ SİSTEMLERİ A.Ş (Asimetrik Sound, Light and Display Systems). The Turkish company, which specializes in the marketing and installation of technology and systems for show, corporate and architectural environments, said it was delighted to forge a partnership that involves marketing and providing technical assistance for all Clay Paky products.

Asimetrik is based in Ankara and Istanbul and can count on a close network of partners throughout Turkey, with branches in Antalya and Izmir.

This partnership replaces the previous contract between Clay Paky and Samim Mutluer’s SF Ses ve Işık Sistemleri A.Ş., considering the existing agreements between SF and the Harman Group.

Alberico D'Amato, Clay Paky's sales manager, said: "Asimetrik is a solid and dynamic company with a strong presence throughout the country, and we are sure it will be able to promote our products better on a highly interesting continuously expanding market.


Clay Paky's products have always been highly present in Turkey, also thanks to the excellent work carried out with leading rental companies. It is enough to remember the 2013 Mediterranean Games, with over 400 Clay Paky lights, and the Turkvision Song Contest this year. Clay Paky lights also illuminate some of the most prestigious clubs in Turkey, such as the Halikarnas in Bodrum and the Billionaire in Istanbul.

Metim Celikbilek, chairman of the company, and his son Gorkem say: "We are proud to distribute Clay Paky. We are increasingly aiming at a quality market, and we have grown in recent years and acquired numerous projects abroad. Our technicians are all highly qualified and capable of providing a complete service, from the design stage to the after-sales service. We take part in numerous trade shows and international workshops to keep up-to-date on any technological innovations in our industry, and in turn, we organize workshops and demos at our offices, where we present all the brands we distribute thoroughly.

The partnership between Clay Paky and Asimetrik will come into effect on 1 June 2014.