Cinegy @ NAB 2012

Cinegy, a world-leading R&D company, developing and engineering video, broadcast and OEM software solutions is pleased to announace the launch of two new product versions and one new product at NAB 2012 for Media Asset Management and Archive, IT-based Broadcast Playout & Automation with Channel Branding and Multiviewer and IP-based Signal Distribution.

Media Asset Management and Archive
Version 9.1 of Cinegy Archive and Cinegy Desktop will be launched at NAB 2012. Cinegy Archive has a new open API with SOAP and REST web services that also form the basis of the new Cinegy Workspace web client as well as highly customizable portal front-end e.g. for customer facing cloud apps. The new Cinegy Media Services allow real-time on-the-fly creation of streaming content for any content being requested by the user in the format best suited for the device and bandwidth the user has.

Cinegy Desktop now integrates a news production module, has improved production workflow features e.g. roundtrip AVID integration and a massively improved real-time craft editor for demanding SD or HD productions. Cinegy Desktop now handles up to 256 audio channels including surround sound and it features Nvidia CUDA accelerated video effects.


Cinegy Archive is the innovative media asset management solution for any organization with an archive or productions to manage. With its scalable and open architecture Cinegy offers the most affordable solution to digitize tape-based archives and production workflows. With advanced logging and metadata accumulation over the entire lifecycle of the media assets these become easily searchable and reusable, saving time and money. Cinegy Archive enables local and remote real-time collaboration allowing loggers, story and video editors to work on video material in real-time even while it is still being ingested.

IT-based Broadcast Playout & Automation with Channel Branding
Cinegy Air and Type Version 9.1 are being introduced at NAB 2012. Cinegy Air can now playout up to 16 channels per server via SDI and/or IP-streams. Cinegy Type sees a range of exciting new features for automated and/or manual driven branding. Cinegy will show some new customer case studies on booth SL12213 illustrating the new features. Cinegy Air now supports MXF AS-03 as evangelized by PBS and MXF AS-11 and mandated by leading UK broadcasters.


Cinegy Air provides a broadcast automation front-end and a real-time video server for SD and HD playout in an integrated software suite. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements Cinegy Air effortlessly succeeds where so many others fail. Cinegy Air can be used to control multiple channels playing to air or to plan schedules, program and commercial blocks offline. Multiple remote or local users can control the schedule and playout operation.

Multiviewer and IP-based Signal Distribution
The entirely new Cinegy Multiviewer is the choice for monitoring MPEG2 or H.264 broadcast stream. Multiviewer’s layout designer allows you to create custom single or multi-display layouts. Multiviewer includes a range of alarm and QC features as well as new display widgets that can display metadata decoded from incoming RTP/UDP transport streams. Cinegy Gateway, which converts SDI signals into RTP/UDP streams, brings all “legacy” SDI signals into the IP world. The Cinegy Multiviewer screen output can also be streamed as MPEG2 or H.264 stream.


Cinegy Multiviewer,  part of the Cinegy Streaming Suite family is easy to manage, due to its fully customizable interface. Multiple SD and HD sources can be displayed in windows, adjustable for size, position and resolution, on a single display - or multiple displays, allowing you to monitor as many channels as you need. All streams and channels can be simultaneously monitored from any station in the network, with indicators displaying the current status of each channel in real-time mode. Each channel preview is equipped with this set of preview components and indicators which make it a software analog of expensive hardware multi-channel video monitoring solutions.

Cinegy will be demonstrating the entire Cinegy Workflow including the above new products at NAB 2012 on booth SL12213. Thirty minute presentations of Broadcast Automation, Playout and Branding will be taking place on the hour and thirty minute presentations of MAM, Archive & Production workflow will be taking place at half past the hour in the Cinegy theatre on booth SL12213.