Cinegy installation at TNV in Russia

Cinegy and DNK installed the award winning tapeless workflow at TNV in Russia.

Tatarstan Novy Vek  (TNV) based in the capital of Russia’s Tatarstan Republic, a "Novy Vek" Television station, is a 2-language channel with its own programming and production of a variety of programs including: news and analytics, education, social and political programs, live sport transmissions and sport-related programs. TNV also has a separate “Yash TNV” channel for kids and youth.

Cinegy’s partner in Russia DNK Corp successfully completed the installation at TNV which included the creation of a brand new 4-camera studio for national news, a transition from tape-based workflow and playout to a tapeless and automated technology based on Cinegy software.

“The Cinegy Workflow solution was chosen from a lineup of many other solutions. It matches all the requirements and demands of TNV’s workflow requirements as it not only allows TNV to accomplish tapeless transition, but also increased efficiency and optimizes each department’s workflow”. Says Ilshat Aminov, General Manager of TNVIn 2012 this project was awarded “A project of the year: regional newsroom” award by TKT Magazine.