Cine Technology in the Limelight

The latest developments from acquisition to projection will be displayed at cinec

Cine technology is rarely in the limelight. Sometimes, however, the achievements cannot be overseen: in February, cinematographic art and innovations have been awarded several times. What makes movies possible will be presented by leading international manufacturers in Munich, Germany, in September – registration for the cinec has started.

Spring is upon us and the red carpet season has begun. For two weeks in February, Germany’s largest film festival in Berlin drew the attention to the art of moving images and all over the world, national film awards were presented, first and foremost the »Oscars« in Hollywood.

They were eagerly awaited in Germany, as German contributions were nominated in several categories. The German costume designer Lisy Christl was one of the nominees for her work for Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous. This international production was filmed in the Babelsberg studios and the first feature film ever which has been shot with Arri’s digital cine camera »Alexa«.


Already two weeks before the Oscar gala, Arri received their third golden statue – this time for the film recorder »Arrilaser«, a joint development with the Fraunhofer Institute. The statue is not awarded on a regular basis, but only for outstanding innovations which have proven successful in practice. The second prize was the Oscar plaque for the »Master-Prime« cine lenses by Carl Zeiss – another joint development with Arri.

What cine technology is capable of will be shown at the cinec in Munich in September. Leading manufacturers and retailers from all over the world will present their novelties and proven products at the renowned international trade show for cine equipment and technology.


The latest developments from acquisition to projection will be displayed:
camera technology, camera support / grip, lighting, sound, postproduction, stereo 3D, long-term archiving and restoring, data management, solutions for efficient workflows, equipment, accessories as well as production-related services.

cinec – which has been continuously growing for the last ten years – is an indispensable meeting place, information platform and market place for the international film industry. Visitors from more than 60 countries have proven this for years. Already now, more than 90 exhibitors have confirmed their participation at cinec 2012.