ChyronHego and Hybrid Partner to Offer Comprehensive, Best-of-Breed Virtual Set Solutions

ChyronHego to Market Hybrid's State-of-the-Art Tracking and Trackless Virtual Studio and Robotic Camera Head Systems

ChyronHego today announced that it has forged a partnership with Hybrid, a leading manufacturer of virtual reality and robotics solutions for the digital media and broadcast industries. Under the OEM agreement, ChyronHego will work with Hybrid to develop and market solutions based on Hybrid's line of advanced tracking and trackless virtual studio and robotic camera head technologies.

"Virtual and augmented reality solutions for broadcasting have existed, in various forms, for several years, but only recently has the technology advanced enough to provide a truly viable and photo-realistic option for the studio environment. Hybrid is leading the way with its world-class solutions for virtual sets and robotics," said Kevin Prince, senior vice president, business development, ChyronHego. "With the Hybrid solutions, we'll be able to fill an important product niche and offer our customers best-of-breed technologies for building extremely compelling, visually striking, and realistic sets. With Hybrid's state-of-the-art instrumented camera heads, we'll be able to offer a truly complete solution that is also applicable in sports, a very large growth market for ChyronHego."

Through the partnership, ChyronHego will serve as an OEM for Hybrid's technologies but retain the Hybrid branding and positioning for the Neon (trackless) and Krypton (tracking) virtual set solutions. ChyronHego will act as the primary sales and marketing organization for the Hybrid products, and Hybrid will work closely with ChyronHego to continue developing the products in alignment with ChyronHego's overall strategy for virtual and augmented reality solutions.


"Our new partnership with ChyronHego is right in line with our mission: to develop solutions that allow the digital media market to produce value-added content with a consistent integrated workflow," said Olivier Cohen, CEO, Hybrid TV. "As a recognized leader in the broadcast graphics marketplace, ChyronHego will provide a highly stable and visible sales and marketing presence for our products that will be very beneficial to both parties."