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Chyron Products at the 2011 NAB Show

Lyric Pro - Channel Box - Quintette Newsroom

"At the 2011 NAB Show, Chyron is excited to showcase more flexible workflows that bring greater value to broadcast operations. As always, our priority is to create state-of-the-art graphics solutions, such as AXIS Graphics and Quintette, to lead the way in the rapidly changing broadcast landscape." — Bonnie Barclay, vice president and chief marketing officer at Chyron

AXIS Graphics Online Content Creation

At the 2011 NAB Show, Chyron will highlight the power of its AXIS Graphics platform, a unique cloud-based service that has become the industry leader in on-demand graphics. The world's only cloud-computing graphics creator designed specifically for the broadcaster, AXIS simplifies, streamlines, and facilitates the graphics creation workload across many users in a broadcast operation — from reporters to production assistants to news producers. Integrating with the broadcaster's existing or Chyron-based workflow, AXIS combines award-winning technology and functionality, proven integration, and point-and-click customization.

AXIS services include high-resolution maps, 3D charts, financial quotes, and a virtually unlimited set of tools for topical news graphics creation. Each service is designed for ease of use and maximum workflow efficiency.

AXIS provides broadcast production staff with pre-built templates that they can leverage for quick creation of graphics for multiple outlets, including websites, mobile devices, and print publications. Graphics creation that once took hours now takes minutes, saving time and money and enabling artists to concentrate on high-end design. The result is a fast return on investment, followed by substantial savings in operations. AXIS services are set to launch in Europe and the Middle East during 2011.

Lyric PRO 8 Graphics Creation Software

Chyron's Lyric PRO 8 graphics creation software continues to put the broadcaster in control of the graphics. With new scriptless conditional intelligent transitions and delivery of superior-quality real-time 3D animations, Lyric PRO 8 enables users to improve the look of on-air graphics with ease and accuracy. Cloud-based content-creation tools are a significant part of Chyron's product roadmap, and they've been extended to Lyric PRO 8 with the introduction of Web-enabled control over Lyric messages and playout. With native support for stereoscopic 3D, scriptless transitions, and touch screen-enabled graphics, Lyric PRO 8 is a worldwide leader for sports and news applications.


Channel Box² Branding and Promo System

Chyron's Channel Box² also will be highlighted at the 2011 NAB Show. Channel Box² is the next-generation channel branding system that features 2D/3D design with a complete data acquisition toolset for all branding applications. Built on Chyron's Lyric technology, Channel Box² users can access any data — RSS feeds, traffic, financial, weather, elections, closing tickets, promos, snipes, and more — and publish it on-air anywhere, anytime.

Quintette Newsroom Graphics Production and Playback Platform

Chyron will also demo its award-winning Quintette newsroom graphics production and playback platform, designed to offer broadcasters the best value and return on investment. The platform has gained acclaim for its straightforward graphic asset management, the ease with which its users can control four channels of animated graphics, and its built-in electronic order management feature.

Using Quintette, producers and journalists can create, order, and add graphics to their stories within or outside of the news environment. Maintaining complete control over content, news directors and production personnel can very quickly take graphics-rich stories to air.


About Chyron

As the pioneer of graphics as a service for all digital video media, Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) continues to define the world of broadcast graphics with Web, mobile, HD, 3D, and newsroom integration solutions. Winner of numerous awards, including two Emmy® Awards, Chyron has proved itself a leader in the industry with sophisticated graphics offerings that include Chyron's AXIS Graphics online content creation software and order management system, on-air graphics systems, clip servers, channel branding, and graphics asset management solutions.