China's Jilin TV Selects Snell Kahuna and Kudos Plus

New HD OB Van and Electronic Field Production System

Snell announced that China's Jilin Television (JLTV) has installed Kahuna SD/HD multi-format production switchers in a brand-new 16-channel HD outside broadcasting (OB) van and in a new electronic field production (EFP) system. Supplied by systems integrator Beijing Xingguang Sanitec Science & Technology Co., Ltd., the Kahuna systems give JLTV reliable and easily scalable solutions for the high-quality production of live sports, news, and entertainment events. JLTV has complemented its new Kahuna systems with a Kudos Plus TBS800 SD/HD/3Gbps format converter.

"After evaluating best-of-breed switcher solutions, we saw that the Snell Kahuna production switcher best met our requirements for reliability and performance," said Mr. Yongqiang Wang, vice director of the engineering department at Sanitec. "Given Kahuna's smart feature set and attractive price point, Snell also exceeded competing vendors in providing an economical solution that provided the flexibility and functionality this operation demanded."

Engineered to meet the requirements of fast-paced live production environments, Snell's Kahuna production switcher combines a comprehensive and versatile feature set with innovative signal processing capability. Kahuna offers simultaneous SD and HD operation in the same mainframe with a single control panel. The switcher's advanced FormatFusion pixel-filtering technology allows users to incorporate SD inputs into HD productions seamlessly, without the need for external upconversion.


The Kudos Plus TBS800 format converter with time base synchronizer (TBS) capabilities ensures support for multi-rate 3Gbps, HD, and SD inputs and outputs, performing motion-adaptive up/down/crossconversion within the same frame rate.

"With its decision to build an OB van and EFP system with state-of-the-art HD production capabilities, Jilin TV demonstrated its commitment to providing live programming of exceptional visual quality," said Ray Lo, regional head, China at Snell. "The pairing of our switcher and conversion systems provides a powerful solution for bringing rich HD productions to air."


Beijing Xingguang Sanitec Science & Technology Co., Ltd.,  is a main distributor and system integrator in China broadcasting market. Since the foundation, it has devoted in distribution and system integration of broadcasting product in China. In 1995 Xingguang Sanitec introduced for the first time the products of Thomson to China. After unremitting efforts, and also under the support of THOMSON, it has become a well-known SI company in the broadcasting field and realized the popularization of Thomson’s products in China. At present, Sanitec is the main distributor of Thomson Broadcast Systems in China, and also the distributor of Snell, Vitec Group, Fujinon, CANON, Vinten, JVC, CANARE, Gepco, 360Systems and so on. In recent years, Xingguang Sanitec has accomplished successfully a series important projects of system designing and distribution including 8+2 channels HD OB VAN of Beijing TV Station, HD OB VAN of Zhejiang Radio & Television Group, 8+2 channels Digital OB VAN of Nantong TV Station in Jiangsu, 12 channels SD OB VAN of Foshan TV Station, 8 channels HD OB VAN of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, 7+2 channels Digital OB VAN of Ningbo Beilun Radio & Television Center, Master Control and Studio of Foshan TV Station, 6 channels EFP System, 10 channels Digital OB VAN of Hebei TV Station, 4 channels Studio of He’nan TV Station, 8 channels digital broadcast control center and general control attemper center of Wuhan TV and so on. Thereinto, 800 m2 HD studio of Tianjin is the first one in China, and it has worked smoothly since January 1, 2005. In December of 2004, our company behaved outstandingly to win the subject finally. We have also completed a numerous digital studios, OB Vans, MPEG2/DVB compressed digital SDH network and DSNG system from designing, integration to installation, regulation and after sales support.

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