CEDAR DNS One is Installed in the Triofilm TV OB Trucks

World Class Noise Suppression for Bundesliga Football Matches and Large-Scale Events

Triofilm TV GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hamburg and Dusseldorf, has specialised in studio and location production since 1989, and the company's two HDTV OB (remote) vans are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment for continuous use at Bundesliga soccer matches and large-scale shows for public and private stations.

Both trucks have recently installed CEDAR's DNS One dialogue noise suppression software, and sound engineer Stefan Ebert at Trio film explains the benefit of this in audio transmission. "Due to the increasing amount of noise associated with the growing use of projection equipment, lighting and air-conditioning systems, it's becoming much harder to obtain clean sound for transmission. Being able to use CEDAR DNS One as a plug-in on each audio channel is a huge help, allowing us to reduce the noise and to control the problems introduced by poor acoustic conditions."

CEDAR DNS One running on SSL
In each truck, a host PC running a Solid State Logic (SSL) Virtual Mixer is connected to the Lawo console via MADI. This allows the operator to route any of the Lawo's inserts through as many of instances of DNS One as are required for each transmission.


About DNS One™
The modern standard for dialogue noise suppression in film and TV studios, on location, in newsrooms and for sports and other live events worldwide, DNS One offers the same zero-latency, Academy Award winning noise suppression as its illustrious siblings the DNS1000, DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000. It suppresses all manner of background noises, makes unusable dialogue, commentaries and interviews intelligible, and has rescued countless broadcasts and live events.


Recently, CEDAR Studio 6 and the CEDAR DNS One plug-in became available for VST. This means that DNS One is no longer limited to running on a single brand of workstations in addition to CEDAR's own products, and it is now available for many other platforms including broadcast and live mixing consoles that host VST servers.