CCG New Clay Paky Symphony Orchestra in Abu-Dhabi


Creative Communication Group (CCG) Abu Dhabi Office have just received its impressive purchase from Clay Paky the newest Clay Paky Arc-Lamp Moving Lights. CCG purchased their first order 36 units of Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330, an extraordinary compact, lightweight 330W wash-light, with the luminous efficiency, graphic and optical performance of a 1000W fixture.  CCG already owns 60 units of the Clay Paky Sharpy and now with the add-up of the newest wash 330 new distinct features.

“The Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330 is one of the most important lights in the market now, where eventers are keen to have it in their technical riders, the color temperature of this fixture is amazing not to mention the light weight and the speed”, Says Jalal Dudin, CEO Creative Communication Group.

Alberico D'Amato, Sales Manager of Clay Paky says, “Whenever moving lights are installed outdoors – either permanently for architectural applications or during temporary events and festivals – protecting such sensitive equipment against the elements becomes essential. Clay Paky created the Igloo for exactly this purpose – a tough, sturdy enclosure that offers complete protection against rain and humidity, and maintains a perfect working temperature (between 0°C and 35°C) for fixtures even in hot or sub-zero conditions.  The Igloo is great for permanent installations and is an indispensable tool for rental companies who want to protect their stock of lighting during outdoor events and festivals”


In addition CCG has received the first 24 units order of the new Alpha LED Wash K20, a model at the top of the A.LEDA Series, the first professional Clay Paky fixtures to use LEDs as light sources. It offers a valid alternative to discharge lamp wash lights, adding all the benefits of LED technology: low energy consumption, long light source life, small size, lightweight and robustness.


“CCG decided to invest in the New Clay Paky GlowUp Strip 100 and to compare it with other units in our stock; the advantage of this unit is its battery operated LED bar for professional stage lighting and the LED technology that Clay Paky has invested in is one of a kind, not mention the wireless control.” quoted Rikus De-Kock Head of light department, CCG Abu Dhabi.

“The professional relationship that binds Clay Paky and Creative Communication Group comes first of all from a great friendship and mutual respect between me and Jalal Dudin, which led to a profitable collaboration over time. Thanks to Creative, Clay Paky luminaires have been involved in many spectacular events in the Gulf, respected and popular among operators. We are very proud that our companies have grown together”, quoted Alberico D'Amato Sales Manager of Clay Paky.


“We have made this new Clay Paky purchase to make sure we are covering Abu Dhabi market with the best and latest quality products and also as a continuation of our commitment to Clay Paky as we believe in the brand and its product” Commented Jalal Dudin, CEO Creative Communication Group Doha & Abu Dhabi.