CAST Demonstrates BlackTrax at coolux connect conference


CAST Group of Toronto, Canada and BlackTrax, in cooperation with coolux GmbH, makers of the award winning Pandora’s Box product family, is pleased to announce that the international coolux connect conference will be repeated in January 2013, due to the great success of the first conference in 2011.

The event will be held 8-9 January 2013 at KOMED, Im MediaPark 7, 50670 Cologne, Germany.  Classes will be conducted in English.

CAST will demonstrate BlackTrax interacting with coolux’s Pandora’s Box. 6 BTCams will be installed around the Space (meaning the stage), to track people and remote control cars in the Space, and connected to BlackTrax vers 1.  BlackTrax will stream precise positional data for the sound positioning of each tracked car in 3D coordinates, in realtime, to the Sonic Emotions 3D playback system. Other BT features to be demonstrated include the new automated zoom and iris with regard to target tracking, and a display of BT’s 6 Degrees of Freedom rotational information in realtime, whilst connected to and manipulating Pandora’s Box.

The coolux connect conference 2013 will involve a large number of lectures and demonstrations, introducing the attendants to the latest developments in the coolux Pandora’s Box product universe.  Designers, system integrators, operators and all kinds of other professionals will have the opportunity to enjoy a time that will be both informative and fun. The coolux connect conference presents an international networking opportunity that is not to be missed by anyone working in the AV sector.


The conference will have no admission fee, however those interested in attending will have to register in advance and will have to take care of their own transportation and lodging. To inquire further about attending the coolux connect conference 2013, please send an email to: [email protected]. The overall number of places is limited, which is why an early registration is highly recommended to increase the chance of being able to attend this conference.

Highlights from the 2011 Coolux Connect event can be found at

“The coolux connect conference has proven to be a valuable resource for learning the latest technology surrounding Pandora’s Box,” says Gil Densham, President of CAST, “and we look forward to showing the latest developments with BlackTrax and the powerful combination of these products working together. We expect the 2013 International coolux connect conference should prove to be a very worthwhile event.”