Canal+ Group Implements an All-SSL Audio Infrastructure for New Studio Complex

“SSL’s solution was efficient and cost-effective”

Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced tools for audio professionals, is pleased to announce that CANAL+ Group, the leading broadcasting company in France, which provides premium-content and themed networks, has implemented a complete, end-to-end audio infrastructure based entirely on SSL equipment for its new studio complex. This new facility was created to produce content for the CANAL+ free DTTV channels: Itélé, a 24/7 news operation; D8, a general entertainment channel and D17, primarily focused on music with additional documentaries, concerts, special series and movies rounding out the offerings.

The two main studio audio control rooms feature SSL C100 HDS consoles, supported by C10 HD consoles as backup and to provide a uniform interface and audio quality when used as a submixer. Three other studio control rooms feature the C10 HD as the main console with a second C10 HD as backup in two studios, for a total of seven C10 HD consoles throughout the facility. Beyond the consoles, the big story concerns the routing infrastructure based on the SSL MORSE Router and MORSE Stagebox to handle microphone and line I/O via MADI and multiple Alpha-Link LIVE-R MADI/AES/Analogue format converters to connect to the consoles. This is the first instance where a major broadcaster has opted for an all-SSL audio infrastructure.

“We already had a successful standing relationship with SSL when we first took a look at building the new facilities,” said Jean-Marc Delage, project manager/engineer for CANAL+ Group. “Beyond the equipment itself, one of the major costs for building a facility is wiring. We needed to put together five audio control rooms in such a way that all audio assets could address any console. SSL’s solution was efficient and cost-effective, as the entire hookup was through redundant fibre, so we enjoyed minimal wiring to yield maximum flexibility.”


The audio control rooms were configured such that each console only receives its input information via an associated MORSE Router or Stagebox. All external rack-mount equipment and CD players, for example, are fed to the MORSE Stagebox associated with a particular room. In this way wiring was straightforward and easy to accomplish, while delivering a truly powerful and flexible system that could take a mic input from any studio and route it into any console.

CANAL+ Group is the forerunner in the provision of premium-content and themed networks, as well as in the bundling and distribution of pay-TV offerings. Taking into account its international activities in Africa, Poland and Vietnam, the group has a total subscriber base of 14.3 million. It is also a benchmark player in free-to-air television, with its three national channels and an advertising sales division. Through its subsidiary STUDIOCANAL, CANAL+ Group is also a European leader in motion picture production and distribution.