Camera Corps Speciality Cameras Take the World Lead

Camera Corps Q-Ball and Q-Ball Pre-Set remotely controlled HD/SD pan/tilt/zoom cameras

Camera Corps Ltd, a world leader in providing robotic camera systems for live television and coverage of major sports events, reports continuing demand for its Q-Ball and MiniZoom ranges of remotely controlled speciality HD/SD camera head remote cameras. Recent sales have included systems to production companies and rental facilities in China, Germany and Italy, South Africa, Russia, the UK and USA.

“Broadcasters worldwide are choosing our remotely controlled camera systems for studio and outdoor productions,” comments Camera Corps Sales & Project Coordinator Tim Reynolds. “Seventy-five remote systems have been shipped to Australia for the latest 'I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!'. The increasing demand from rental companies is particularly healthy as it gives first-time users the opportunity to discover the huge advantages in production flexibility and efficiency which these systems offer.”

Q-Ball is an efficient and robust remotely-controlled camera with an internal 10x zoom optical lens. Housed in a fully-weatherproof 115 mm diameter aluminium sphere, it has smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors which can be operated during live shots to track slow or fast-moving action.”


Recent applications have included providing broadcast coverage of the Danish parliamentary election in Denmark where Q-Ball televised the arrival of the country’s new prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, as she arrived to address a meeting of jubilant supporters. The Q-Ball systems were provided by Copenhagen-based equipment rental company Best Broadcast.

38 Q-Ball and MiniZoom cameras were purchased by Staines-based Roll to Record for use on the fourth-quarter 2011 series of Big Brother on UK Channel 5. 23 Q-Ball motorised pan/tilt cameras and 15 MiniZoom static heads are located in various positions around the house on the George Lucas stage at Elstree.


Ten Q-Ball cameras were deployed for the sixth season of Big Brother Africa, replacing dome cameras which have been employed in previous series. A Q-Ball was located in each room for use during under normal lighting conditions and with infra-red illumination to allow operation at night. The system also included two Camera Corps remote pan and tilt control units, two RCP remote camera panels, a multi-camera switcher and a combiner join the two control data streams.

The recently introduced Q-Ball Pre-Set can store up to 18 preset pan, tilt, zoom and focus positions when used with the Camera Corps PTZF switcher and joystick control unit. Q-Ball Pre-Set can be switched rapidly from one preset configuration to another quickly, precisely and quietly. Settings are stored to non-volatile memory inside the head so are retained even after power-down.


An optional optical fibre link allows Q-Ball, Q-Ball Pre-Set and MiniZoom HD/SD cameras to be operated over much longer distances than the 100 metres or so generally considered safe for copper cable. The Camera Corps link uses dual fibre to carry HD/SD-SDI from the camera to the control position plus a reverse direction feed which sends data from the controller to the camera.

Based on the site of the former Brooklands motor-racing track, Camera Corps specialises in providing high-volume support services and systems for reality television programmes as well as very large-scale sports events.