Camera Corps SIMPLY SMPTE long-range camera link to make UK debut at BVE 2013

Camera Corps SIMPLY SMPTE base and remote units (left and right respectively)

Camera Corps (part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company) has chosen BVE 2013 for the UK launch of its SIMPLY SMPTE compact remote camera link. Exhibiting on stand G16, Camera Corps will demonstrate the link as part of a complete system including the established Q-Ball and Q-Ball Pre-Set compact remote pan/tilt/zoom/focus cameras.

Designed for use at large-scale outside broadcast events and in electronic field production, SIMPLY SMPTE allows any remotely controlled camera system in the Camera Corps product range to be connected over long distance via SMPTE 3K-standard electrical/optical cable. Large remote heads and boxed cameras can be operated over 5 kilometres or more while maintaining the security and reliability of a dedicated link. The relatively high power efficiency of Camera Corps' Q-Ball and Q-Ball Pre-Set robotic pan/tilt/zoom/focus cameras allows these to be controlled over more than 8 kilometres.

SIMPLY SMPTE comprises a base unit and a smaller remote unit. Each has a very small physical footprint. Powered by 110 or 240 volts alternating-current, the 303 x 165 x 65 millimetre 3.63 kilogramme base unit incorporates an optical input for incoming video data. Electrical inputs allow direct connection of analog genlock video and audio-frequency control data. A loop-through connector is provided for the control data channel. Incoming video from the remote camera is accessible via two HD-SDI outputs.


The 226 x 106 x 56 millimetres remote unit accepts HD-SDI from the camera and provides genlock, audio data, alternating-current power plus dual 12 volt direct-current 60 watt outputs on XLR4 sockets for auxiliary equipment. Power from the base unit to the remote unit is fully isolated and protected against an open circuit or incompatible equipment.

Camera Corps will be represented at BVE 2013 by Laurie Frost (Managing Director), Jim Daniels (Technical Director), Jeff White (Design & Development Engineer), Dan Jarmany (Sales & Project Coordinator), and Neil Ashworth (Equipment Manager).


About Camera Corps
A Vitec Group company, Camera Corps specialises in providing high-volume support services for reality television programmes as well as very large-scale sports and stage events. Based on the site of the former Brooklands motor-racing circuit near London’s Heathrow airport, Camera Corps has achieved a pre-eminent reputation for its ability to acquire exciting and unusual television content from exceptionally challenging environments.