Calrec Audio at BVE 2013


"We're adding several new features to our Apollo and Artemis audio consoles in response to customer demand. We look forward to showing BVE visitors our revved up signal-processing engine, comprehensive loudness metering, and powerful new tools for managing control rooms and studio resources." — Jim Green, U.K. Sales Manager, Calrec Audio.

New Capabilities for Apollo and Artemis Audio Consoles
At BVE, Calrec Audio Ltd will showcase its latest software releases on the Apollo and Artemis console lines. The new releases bring more power to the user's fingertips and even more flexibility to the current metering system. Any signal can be metered whether it be an external source or an internal desk resource. Users can also decide where in the signal chain they want to place the meter and where they want to PFL.

BVE is also the U.K. launch of Calrec's Automixer. Up to eight automatic mic mixers can be deployed to reduce coloration and ensure a consistent output level in scenarios with unpredictable audio content.


Also being showcased is the Hydra2 audio routing system interacting with third-party control and production-automation equipment. Visitors to BVE will get a sense of Hydra2's potential as Calrec will exhibit the equipment in a scenario akin to how it would be used in an actual production environment.

Company Overview:
Calrec Audio, part of D&M Holdings Inc., is exclusively dedicated to excellence in audio mixing for on-air and live production. A broadcast specialist for more than 40 years, Calrec has developed a range of digital consoles relied on by the world's most successful broadcasters. For putting sound in the picture, broadcasters put their trust in Calrec.