BSI Demonstrates the Dual Stream Mini Transmitter at NAB 2012

BSI wirelss transmitters in various applications

Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI), a leading provider of wireless broadcast technology and communications services, will be giving attendees at NAB an in-depth look at their Dual Stream Mini Transmitter. The transmitter, which is about the size of a cell phone, has revolutionized broadcasting by allowing the simultaneous transmission of two signals, wirelessly, through a single device. At NAB, BSI will showcase the capabilities of the Dual Stream Mini Transmitter with both a live 3D and a real-time, low latency demonstration in the company’s booth.

In February’s Daytona 500, the Dual Stream Mini Transmitter was responsible for delivering compelling footage of driver Jimmie Johnson during his Lap 2 crash. The transmitter allowed broadcasters to show side-by-side footage from the interior on-board camera that captured Jimmie preparing for impact and the exterior on-board camera that captured the crash itself. Never before has it been possible to view these moments simultaneously.

In a 3D production, the Dual Stream Mini Transmitter ensures a synchronous signal from the two cameras responsible for capturing the footage for the left and right eye. BSI deployed the mini transmitter for this purpose at the 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO. It allowed a camera operator to ski down the pipe behind the athletes and capture the action wirelessly in 3D.


Visit BSI’s booth at C7849 to see the demonstration of the Dual Stream Mini Transmitter and feel the device’s light weight and small size.