Broadcast Solutions: The Streamline Concept

A cost effective range of Outside Broadcast Vans

Over the last eight years Broadcast Solutions has constructed and delivered more than 100 OBVans, all of them with large differences in design because they all have been tailormade to the customers requirements. Now Broadcast Solutions has presented an alternative that saves time and money.

Based years of experience Broadcast Solutions is offering a new line of OBVans which are all comprise of a user friendly design with cost effectiveness in mind. The templates are ranging from a small 5 camera compact van to a fully equipped 14 camera trailer. The concept combines the latest cost effective technology with a straight forward and convenient design. This results in  reduced delivery times and reduced costs since all design-engineering is completed and the production of similar vehicles is constantly ongoing in the factory. Customers can “buy in” on vehicles which are already in production  reduceing the lead time even further.

Mediatec, one of Europe's largest OB company and Broadcast Solutions have jointly developed this new type of medium size OBVan. Despite the cost effective design the OBVans providing all the functionality required for today’s demanding high quality HD productions.

The basic idea was brought forward by Mediatec to Broadcast Solutions. Mediatec had recognized the need for a fleet of cost effective HDOBVans ror the TV live production market and the cooperation between both companies has lead to a solution combining the latest cost effective technology with a straight forward and uncomplicated chassis. The OBVans are designed for full HD with up to 14 Cameras for the usage in productions where HD is required but where the larger and more sophisticated HDOBVans are not required.


Basic floor plan of the Streamline Concept

The template is based around a relativ simple coach building solution on a non-expandable standard chassis and a clever choice of audio and video components. However the customer can decide on the number of cameras (between 10 and 14), the manufacturer and the type of the cameras as well as the manufacturer and the type of the vision mixer. Another option is the pre-wiring for 3D productions.


Thomas Winterhalter, Mediatec Switzerland, one of the first customers of an HD OBVan built according to the Streamline Concept stated: “The vehicles have been used at many events requiring 4-10 cameras and it has proven to be a very functional vehicle, the concept is great and I strongly support it. Also our clients like the concept and are very happy with the performance”.