Broadcast Solutions OPEN HOUSE 2011

Broadcast Solutions OPEN HOUSE 2011 on June 16th 2011

On Thursday 16 June 2011 Broadcast Solutions will present in its headoffice in Bingen/Germany:
-  new and already finished projects, from a 3 camera DSNG Vehicle up to 16 camera HD OB-Truck. 
-  product presentations and technical lectures about satellite communication, OB-Vehicles and production experience.
-  well known manufacturers and brands presenting their newest products.


HD OBVans and HD DSNG on show

- 16-camera HD-OB-Truck for KBS/Südkorea, it will be in operation for the first time at the IAAF Championships in August in Daegu/Korea.  
- 10-camera HD-OB-Truck „Streamline-Concept“ from Mediatec Switzerland AG, for small and medium sized productions, included storage room.              
- 16-camera HD-OB-Truck from HD-Broadcast GmbH/Germany, a 12m Trailer with a 1,3m drawer for high quality 3D and HD Productions all over Europe. In this Truck we present a complete 3D Workflow.          
- 3-camera DSNG vehicles 4x4 for ANO Sports Broadcasting/Russia, over all seven vehicles based on 5t Mercedes Sprinter with 1,8m satellite antennas and fully redundant systems.
- 4-camera DSNG vehicle „Compact5“ from alba TV GmbH/Germany, a 3,5t  multi-functional HD-SNG fully redundant with ProSat Solutions Antenna Systems and wireless cameras.

3D and HD OBVan from HD Broadcast GmbH



13:00 – 14:15 Uhr Satellite Communikation:
- Contribution Networks, Speaker: Nemesh Karia,  Ericsson Television
- New Antenna Systems and Sactom on the move, Speaker: Peter Jakobsson, ProSat Solutions GmbH

14:30 – 15:45 Mobile production units:
- Streamline  and FlyDrive – new concepts for production units, Speaker: Peter Jakobsson, Tobias S. Gramm Broadcast Solutions GmbH
- Mobile Production Units in Germany, a market study, Speaker: Katharina Möller, University Rhein-Main

16:00 – 17:00 Broadcast Productions: 
- The KBS HD TV 4  OB Truck, the first production as hostbroadcaster at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu/South Korea. Speaker: Broadcast Solutions                                                  

Exhibiting Companies

The Team around Rainer Kampe is again showing brand new concepts: The "PerfOrack", an innovative and clever usable rack concept and the compact production system "AudiOworx" which integrates a full 5.1 Solution for small Studios or DSNG Vehicles. Together with Robert Hedinger from imartis AG Switzerland Wireworx is presenting a complete 3D Workflow with the Swissrig in the HD Broadcast Truck. The electronic camera helicopter operated by Apoint Film GmbH from Switzerland transmits live pictures from our OPEN HOUSE 2011 Event with a full stabilised Gyro Head.

Rosenberger OSI:
Jens Woryna from Rosenberger OSI exhibits the newest fiber technologies and solutions.

DVS is presenting the patented CLIPSTER® server system with interoperable master format support and realtime 3D processing as well as the production server VENICE.

Integrated in the HD Broadcast OB Truck is the Kahuna Mixer by Snell. Martin Blum shows as well the new channel-in-a-box system.

ProSat Solutions:
Pro Sat Solutions presents the "high performance" Antenna D120M and D150M, as well as the innovative Controller AKS200. Highlight is the new D100FA FlyAway Antenna.


NewTek Europe:
The smallest TV Studio production system, Tricaster Extreme and the 3Play SlowMotion System is presented by Joshua Schneeloch, Newteks sales representative for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rainer Litfin and Roman Boadella from LAWO AG will give you an overview of the integrated mc² audio mixers in the OB Trucks from Mediatec Switzerland and HD Broadcast and present the actual radio audio mixer "sapphire" which was developed in teamwork with radio operators.

The Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) is a universal IP-based, vendor independent control system for broadcast equipment. The team around Humphrey Hoch presents the newest features and actual developments of the system.

Broadcast Microwave Services presents the "Nano"-Transmitter, a Clip-On HD Transmitter, a USB Receiver and wireless digital camera systems.

Michael Steinhauer exhibits the 5.1 system headzone pro XT, the Tesla 1350 Headphone and microphones from beyerdynamic.

The Studer Vista 9 is integrated into the new KBS 16-Camera Truck, presented by Tibor Tamas and Christian Keller.

Riedel's latest development is the Mediornet compact, which has all features from mediornet at a very small space. Steffen Franke shows as well the integrated Riedel Artist Systems in the OB Trucks and the new OLED comms box.

Ericsson Television Ltd:
Nemesh Karia and Lutz Bartzen present the new Ericsson Television DSNG flagship Voyager II and IRD RX8200 working in the new ANO DSNG Vehicles. 

GrassValley presents the Kayak HD Video Mixer in the Mediatec Switzerland OB Truck.