Broadcast Rental Made Huge Investment in VideoSys & Cobham RF Systems


Broadcast Rental a full-service rental house, supplying the needs of professionals in the broadcast industry. Broadcast Rental operates on an international basis providing prompt response, good quality equipment and the necessary support to ensure customer needs are fulfilled.

Features: Cobham (RF transmitting)
·    2, 4, 6 or 8 way COFDM diversity
·    HD-SDI/SDI with embedded audio output
·    Composite video output with HD down-conversion
·    HDMI output
·    ASI input and output
·    IP control and optional IP streaming video
·    Genlock input
·    Comprehensive on-screen display (OSD) diagnosticsfor link analysis, including spectrum analyser
·    External down-converters for convenient antenna placement

Features: VideoSys (telemetry)
·    Control of most user camera functions via standard camera manufacturers OCP
·    Control of up to 4 cameras via UHF channel
·    External Red and Green Tally outputs
·    Separate indoor (IDU) and outdoor (ODU) units enable flexible TX antenna location via standard twisted pair audio cable
·    Wide frequency range 403-474 Mhz via IDU front panel
TX power 100mW/200mW/500mW/1W (user select) via IDU front panel


Features: VideoSys (Fibre system)
·    Location of antenna & downconverter can be extended via SMPTE fibre cable
·    Allows prime location of receive unit in OB area for maximum flexibility of monitoring
·    Head units are splash proof to overcome challenging OB environments
·    Return camera control data line
·    No need of local power