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Broadcast Rental Looks to EVS for Future Productions


Broadcast Rental, the newly founded rental house, has recently acquired 2 new XT[2]+ production servers and 2 XF[2] removable storage systems from EVS. “By combining EVS’ XT[2]+ and XF[2] servers, it is possible to replace up to 4 HDCAM VTRs, which is a real benefit for those who decide to go tapeless” said Geert Paul Slee, Managing Director and founder of Broadcast Rental.

The ideal platform for future productions, such as 3D and 3G

Geert Paul adds, “After working for over twenty-five years in the broadcast industry, I have come to trust EVS and its tapeless technology. And since I am constantly searching for the latest technology and consider myself to be an ‘early adopter’, acquiring the new XT[2]+ server was a logical step.”

When asked why Geert Paul felt so confident in the new XT[2]+ he replied: “The demand for EVS technology is significant, especially with the increasing amount of HD productions. EVS servers are flexible, because they can be used for OB as well as for studio applications. Concerning the XT[2]+, it offers greater storage capacity and increased bandwidth compared to the XT[2], which is very appealing. However, my decision to acquire the new EVS server was mainly based on the fact that it is the ideal platform for future productions, such as 3D and 3G.”

Broadcast Rental was founded in September 2009 and is based in the Netherlands. The rental company is active in the Benelux, France and Germany.