Brazilian System Integrator Line Up Selects Axon Infrastructure Products for its 3Gb/s OB truck


Netherlands-based modular broadcast infrastructure specialist, AXON Digital Design, has been selected by leading Brazilian system integrator, Line Up, to provide Synapse modular processing equipment and SynView multiviewers for Line Up’s OB truck. The purchase marks the further collaboration between Line Up and Axon. The OB truck will make its first public appearance at Broadcast & Cable (stand D7) which will be held in Sao Paulo, August 20-23.

Line Up has installed a number of different 3Gb/s capable broadcast signal processing modules from Axon’s Synapse range. These will fulfill a range of signal processing requirements from analogue video D/A to audio shuffling. Key components in the vehicle’s production workflow are, next to the processing equipment, Axon’s SynView multiviewer and SynCross routers. The unique element of the SynView multiviewers and SynCross routers is that they are part of the Synapse form factor. This enables the user to mix and match them with the Synapse processing modules in the same housing. This facilitates the integration and reduces the weight and required RU.

The SynView multiviewer, one of the world’s fastest multiviewer with just half a frame delay, supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 resolution and a Tally and UMD OSD is also included. This advanced feature set enables a very compact monitor solution with the UMD and Tally as part of the set. Time code support is also included. It supports LTC, SNTP, ATC and VITC standards. Axon developed de-interlacing and scaling algorithms ensure crisp picture quality.


SynCross is a Synapse based modular video routing system capable of switching 3Gb/s, HD and SD SDI signals, as well as compressed domain signals such as ASI/DVB and SSI/SMPTE-310. The SynCross routing system is housed in standard Synapse frames occupying a single slot for an 8 input, 8 output system (with the SCG0808) and up to 5 slots for a 40x40 routing solution.

“This truck will be presented at Broadcast & Cable 2013 and is for sale after the show. We have identified that Axon’s technology is the ideal solution for our production needs,” commented Israel Gomez Director at ComtelSat Line Up. “Axon’s experience in the OB market is obvious and by selecting its products we have created a 3Gb/s production environment that will meet any customers in SD, HD and beyond for many years to come.”


“We are seeing the emergence of advanced 3Gb/s OB vehicles in Latin America and we are pleased to be regarded as a leading technology supplier for these demanding projects,” commented Harry Kanters, Director of Marketing & Sales at Axon. “Working closely with Line Up, we are developing a highly advanced and compact mobile production facility that is fit for the HD and 3Gb/s era.”

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Headquartered in The Netherlands, and with offices across the world, Axon develops, manufactures and markets high quality broadcast equipment for the conversion, processing and compliance recording of audio and video signals. Products integrate advanced signal processing techniques, innovative engineering and modular flexibility and provide high quality, affordability and reliability within mission-critical broadcast applications.