BR Studios in Unterföhring Switching Central Router Control System to KSC Commander/Pilot


Modernization of the KSC3 control system was part of the router and equipment upgrade the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), the Bavarian public broadcasting authority for the German State of Bavaria, has implemented at its Unterföhring studio. After careful consideration of the available options by BR, the choice fell on the KSC Commander and KSC Pilot control system.

These are some of the latest generation of the KSC line of products made by BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH. Due to the significance within the studio complex, the system is based on a redundant server architecture with automated data replication and redundancy switcher.

The four centralized routers for video, audio, time code, and remote control can be switched remotely via six KSC Pilot clients and their graphical user interfaces.


Recurrent circuits are mapped automatically. Manual switching operations are handled with a total of 38 control panels, model BD68, BD51, BD39, BD32, and BD17, with customized keyboard layouts. The control panels are installed distributed across all areas. A video mixer with input label and existing UMDs for label and red light signaling has been integrated as an additional control component as well. An easy to use level control has been included in the KSC system for the modular and signal processing units.


By opting for the KSC control system, BR has chosen an open and scalable system that is easy to expand to the growing needs and requirements of the customer without having to shut down operations.


About BFE
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