Boland Communications Expands Lineup of  LVB and PVB Series Monitors

Boland Communications, has announced a wider lineup of their popular LVB and PVB Series models. Both series feature professional, color-accurate LCD's with multiple signal formats.

"Since their introduction in 2014, the LVB and PVB models have grown more and more popular, and it was simply a logical choice for us to add more size options to the product offering," says Gary Litwin, national sales director, Boland Communications.

Originally designed to give production companies a dependable, cost-effective, SDI-based monitor, both LVB and PVB units offer deliver metal cabinet constructions, off-axis viewing angles, multiple I/O's, and the ability to calibrate each screen for accurate colorimetry reproduction.


"Boland monitors have a great reputation for quality and durability, and it's important to us that our clients receive equipment that is in top condition," says Don Burkhart, technical sales consultant, VER. "All the units we carry come with an optional integrated protective screen, which is something requested by our clients, especially during the busy sports seasons."

The LVB Series models - now available in sizes 17 in., 21 in., 23 in., 27 in., and 32 in. - are cost-conscious, affordable monitoring solutions used, in large part, on-set and by production rental companies. All models offer full-resolution LCD panels, and can be ordered with built-in protective tempered glass, to keep the LCD's safe from often tough production environments.


The PVB Series - now available in 15 in., 17 in., 20 in., 24 in., 27 in., 32 in., and 55 in. - contains all of the quality build elements of the LVB Series, but adds audio features (speakers, meters, headphone jack), closed-caption decoding, a full package of scopes (waveform, vector scope, RGB parade, etc.), and single- and dual-link 3G SDI.

"In postproduction, it is important that we provide our clients with monitors that are accurate, calibrated, and can be matched from one size to the next," says Dan Warner, COO, Atlas Digital.  "We have moved to using the Boland models because they have proven very reliable, durable, and they offer so many features, we know our customers' needs will be taken care of, whatever that need may be."


For almost Twenty Years, Boland has been creating high quality, professional broadcast monitors for film, television, aviation, and specialty needs. We are constantly pushing the LCD / monitor boundaries in new technology, outfitting our LCD monitors with the widest color gamut and ultra deep blacks. Red, green, and blue stability is guaranteed by All-Digital 12-bit Processing. Whether you are in need of a field monitor that is color critical, a low cost SDI monitor for simple confidence monitoring, or a broadcast monitor with built-in waveform, vector scope, and audio meters, Boland is proud to offer all of these options (and more).