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BMS Ushers in a New Era of Wireless Camera Technology

Introducing the new NTxx23-Sony Side-Panel

BMS is a recognized leader in state-of-the-art wireless video technology for our business partners and the end-user.  Through a cooperative development program with Sony Corporation, BMS is proud to announce our latest wireless HD Transmitter, the NTxx23-Sony side panel. An integrated transmission and telemetry solution for SONY’s HDC2500 series camera.

The transmitter is 100% compatible with the full range of BMS receiver products and can be used in conjunction with the full portfolio of BMS or 3rd party HD receive solutions supporting the DVB-T standard.

Users will benefit from the simple and efficient “dual use capability” of the Sony HDC 2xxx series - quickly changing the system from a Triax camera into a wireless camera (less than 3minutes) without compromising video quality, latency or weight.

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• Fully integrated with the Sony HDC2500 series camera including a dedicated 
  viewfinder menu page for control and diagnostic.
• Ultra-light design adds less than 500 grams to the camera.
• Includes built in wireless camera remote control module.
• Full HD, 3G SDI capable (upgrade option)
• COFDM 2k transmission
• H.264 capability
• 200mW RF output power
• Full Camera Remote Control with the original Sony RCP
• Fully compatible with BMS COFDM diversity receivers
• Different frequencies available (Standard: 1.9-2.3GHz or 2.3-2.7GHz), others on request
• Battery adaptor included
• Fully compatibility with 3rd party receiving products adhering to the DVB-T Standard
  (remote functionality is limited or varies with 3rd party solutions)
• Fully approved and supported by Sony factory

BMS Broadcast Solutions
BMS is a leader in compact video transmission systems and produces a full line of analog and digital portable and fixed transmitters, receivers, and accessories operating up to 15GHz and adhering to the DVB-T standard.  Microwave systems include wireless RF camera links, air-to ground video and data links, point-to-point video and data links, auto-tracking ground antenna systems, relay systems, and portable microwave links.