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BFM Business Network Depends on Solid State Logic C10 HD for News Broadcast

Rigorous Radio and Television Broadcast Schedule Met by C10 HD Rock Solid Reliability

BFM Business, owned and operated by the NextRadioTV Group in Paris, provides coverage of French and international business and financial news for the city of Paris over terrestrial TV and for France over broadband internet, cable and satellite. Programs are also broadcast over Business BFM Radio and through podcasts on iTunes. A 32-channel, 24-fader Solid State Logic C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console was installed to meet BFM Business’ challenges of long hours of operation, covering a variety of programming types. The C10’s reliability, feature set and ease of use were important factors in the purchase.

“We present live programming starting at 6:00 AM and ending at 12:00 Midnight seven days a week, providing 24/7 coverage with shows repeating overnight,” says Philippe Espinet, chief technology officer for NextRadioTV Group, the owner/operator of BFM Business. “When we looked at which console to use for our studio upgrade, the SSL C10 stood out from the rest by offering features not available on other consoles, great sound quality and industry-recognized reliability at a very favorable price point.”

BFM Business offers both television and radio versions of programming that include Les Experts, a panel-style program examining the news by experts and specialists; Le 12-15, a live interview program; Le Grand Journal, an expert summary of the political, financial and economic news of the day and Intégral Business, the last word of the day that includes a live feed from Times Square in New York City, covering the closing of the U.S. markets. The C10’s inherent flexibility easily handles the varied audio missions of these different programs.

“We really appreciate the feature set that is available on the C10,” states Espinet. “For example, the console’s Dialogue Automix™ really helps our engineers attain superior mixing results for live panel shows. In the past, handling these programs was a daunting engineering challenge. Now, with the Dialogue Automix feature, our engineers can not only accomplish the basic mixing mission, but can now have time to refine the sound quality and pay more attention to the video aspects of the program. This feature is like having an extra pair of expert hands helping out.”


Dialogue Automix offers the power to tame the engineering rigors of a live panel discussion program. The engineer sets the basic levels for up to 16 microphones and the console handles the mixing duties while maintaining a consistent ambient noise level. But beyond a particular feature, the entire C10 experience has been good for BFM Business.

“The installation was straightforward and the console interfaces nicely with our Dalet Media Asset Management system we use for capture and playout,” explains Espinet. “The training was fast and handling the console on a day to day basis is very easy. With the C10, Business BFM now has all the necessary resources for live radio and TV productions. The multiple layers provide access to resources quickly and we are developing a set of console presets to make switching between programs quick and easy.”

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