BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH delivers new HD OBVan to ZDF

The semitrailer with a total length of 12.5 meters has 14 workstations distributed over 4 working areas

On 28th February 2011 a 14 camera OB vehicle, with the ZDF internal description “Mobiles Produktionsmittel 6”, “MP-6” for short strengthens ZDF´s OB fleet as the newest vehicle.

The declared aim – the further conceptual and qualitative development based on the knowledge of the current vehicles in use (MP-4 and MP-5) – was realised through a cooperation of the project teams from ZDF and BFE. The semitrailer with a total length of 12.5 meters, the 14 workstations, distributed over 4 working areas, relies on an innovative climate and room concept and fulfils high acoustic requirements.

After the completion of the vehicle body, which was manufactured by a specialized vehicle builder according to construction guidelines from ZDF and BFE, the integration of all technology components was carried out during a short period of just 10 weeks by the BFE engineers and technicians of BFE at their headquarters in Mainz.


MP-6 has 12 HDTV cameras from the manufacturer Ikegami and 2 Sony Super Slow Motion cameras. At the heart of the video technology a Snell vision mixer type Kahuna and also a matrix Miranda NVision 8500 with 387 entrances and 612 exits is in use. The customer chose Penta of 20, 24 and 42 inch displays.

The main audio component is a sound mixer mc²66 with 12 Dallis I/O units from Lawo, complemented with a substitute mixing desk DM1000 from Yamaha. The internal communication takes place using a Riedel KDO system with three Artist 128 frames with 55 terminals. The connection to the audio matrix is realised with two Madi interfaces.