BFE Expands OBVan Business Team

Peter Kloos, Design Engineer OBVans and Josef Jung-Frirdich, Planning Engineer Video

The OB van division of BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH has had a strong start into the new year. In order to strengthen this segment two new employees have joined the Company. Mr. Peter Kloos started as a design engineer for OB vans, and Mr. Josef Jung-Frirdich supports the team as a Planning Engineer Video / focus OB van. With their years of experience in project business for OB vans, both employees enrich the team of BFE specialists.

About BFE
BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH is a manufacturer-independent broadcast systems integrator with more than 40 years of experience in the planning and implementation of complex projects in broadcast and media technology. As a competent and reliable partner, it supports customers in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, implementing system solutions tailored to their specific requirements. As manufacturer of its own KSC product line, BFE also markets control and management solutions for the professional television and radio industry. BFE’s branch office in Dubai Studio City supports activities in the GCC region.