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Belden launches new hybrid fiber SMPTE311 HD Camera assembly

Belden, has introduced a high-quality SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly that supports 720p, 1080i and 1080p. HD cameras provide digital transmission using SMPTE311 standard fiber optic cable for connecting to the camera control unit. In addition to their exceptional quality, HD cameras can transmit all digital bi-directional video and audio signals, one control line, power line, and prompter line over extremely long distances - up to 4000 meters with Belden SMPTE311 HD Camera Assemblies.

Belden HD camera assemblies reach transmission distances of up to 4.000 meters

Belden already produces one of the best-known SMPTE311 cables in the world and the new Belden hybrid fiber SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly was designed specifically for high definition (HD) fibered broadcast cameras. It is ideal for Studio and Field Camera Applications, requiring multiplex audio and video signals and power. Network TV studios, sports arenas, stadiums and production facilities are just some of the venues that will benefit from this new SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly. Potential applications include interconnect of remote field cameras for Electronic News Gathering (ENG), and Electronic Field Production (EFP).

Next generation HD applications

The new Belden SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly is the perfect choice for next generation HD applications and will replace SD infrastructure where stiff, heavy, triax cable is currently employed, or in long haul situations. The use of the global standard Belden SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly significantly improves productivity, especially for rental companies, by eliminating the need for several different interface blocks and saving storage space, thus allowing substantial cost savings. Ideal for use in studios or in the field as well as for permanent installations, these assemblies are suitable for HD video installers; HD system integrators; HD OB van users; HD equipment rental companies; and camera teams in professional broadcasting, studios, sports stadiums, concert venues and live outdoor broadcasts. The global standard SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly supports the SMPTE304 interface of all HD camera manufacturers. Today, no other medium can challenge fiber optics in bandwidth, distance and noise immunity. With fiber optics, the transmitted signals are not distorted by any form of outside electronic, magnetic or radio frequency interference. Therefore, optical cables are completely immune to EMI, RFI or high voltage interference.


Smaller and lighter

Compared to conventional triax cables of the same signal carrying capability, the smaller diameter and lighter weight of the hybrid fiber cables means easier installation, especially in crowded areas or limited space. In addition, a hybrid fiber cable is about half the weight of a comparable triax 14 cable. To improve upon the physical performance values at the connection point, there are several options to choose from. One of the best ways to provide ultimate connector performance is to terminate the fiber in the factory. Using proper termination of the cable eliminates potential water ingress and/or damage to fiber within the connector, and reduces problems in handling power, because the connector is prevented from being filled with water.

Benefits for the buyers of Belden’s SMPTE311 HD Camera Assembly

System-Integrators: - On-time delivery improve financial • performances - Better inventory quick-turns • - Zero inventory of cable and connector• - No investment in fiber termination equipment - No investment in fiber testing equipment • - No investment in maintenance of equipment • - Staff is able to concentrate onmore important jobs, delivering higher productivity End-Users: - Best quality thanks to factory-floor termination - Best value thanks to series production


Delivery options

Belden’s SMPTE311 HD Camera Assemblies are available in standard lengths (5, 10, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, and 500 meters) for guaranteed fast delivery, with potential cost savings on the longer lengths. They are sold in rings/wooden drums and can be custom configured with any Schill drum on request. For projects they can be supplied in customer-specific lengths. The Belden SMPTE311 HD so called “Global Standard Assembly” is with Lemo 3K.93C connectors, according to SMPTE304M. In addition, Belden is able to deliver other connectivity solutions using non-SMPTE304M connectors, including: - ADC ProAX™ (LX.5 fiber angled contacts) - Fischer 1053 (UniCam® SC contacts) - Neutrik OpticalCon™ (LC/PC or angled contacts) - Rosenberger/Osi HD614 (FC/PC or angled contacts) - Stratos HX-1080 (expanded beam)