Baltimore’s Producers Video Looks to the Future with Pablo Neo

Maryland facility enhances S3D and color capabilities with Quantel

Baltimore video production company, Producers, has recently upgraded its Quantel eQ to a Pablo 2K color correction system with a Neo panel that will boost S3D capabilities and enhance color correction tools at the busy facility. Producers specialises in producing local and international premier high-end film, high definition video, audio and 3D motion graphics. Its customers include Toyota, Under Armour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Department of Homeland Security, GNC and HBO.

“Our new Pablo system has already worked on some big projects,” said Producers President Rip Lambert. “The versatility of Pablo allows us to use a variety of media in one timeline including RED files, QuickTime files and jpgs. A lot of projects require fast turnarounds and involve many elements, so it’s great having one system that, if necessary, can handle editorial, compositing, text, rotoscoping, keying, color correction and a number of other functions all in one.”

Kirk Davis, Editor and Colorist at Producers pointed out, “The upgrade to the Neo panel is a major improvement for me and what we can offer to clients. It seems it was designed with a lot of input from colorists as everything is in the right place.  It has a well-designed ergonomic interface that is the best I’ve encountered. The Neo panel allows quick access to a lot of functions that previously had to be found through the software. This allows me to keep my eyes on the monitor and focus on the look and feel of the project. It’s also easier for me to show clients several different options simultaneously and we can experiment with looks by saving them in pre-sets. Everything is faster.”


“This just adds to our capabilities,” said Lambert. “No one can put together a major production like we can.  Our executive producers have the experience and foresight to know everything that needs to happen so that the project goes off without a hitch and moves smoothly from production to post-production. Once the project is in post, our refined workflow from ingest to editorial to graphics to audio sweetening to distribution - all that happens behind-the-scenes for the client - is unsurpassed in terms of efficiency.  Our Pablo system fits perfectly into that workflow.

“Producers continues to grow and build a more national and international footprint. We continue to be seen as the go-to production house for advertising agencies and corporations across the country, and our investment in Pablo helps us maintain that position in the future,” added Lambert. “Quantel has always been an innovative company especially in terms of open architecture that allows the editor to work with a variety of files and images no matter the format. As the number of formats and resolutions continues to grow, it’s good to know that Quantel will always be at the forefront, so we’re always able to provide clients with the ability to achieve their vision.”


Producers has been serving clients in the Baltimore-Washington, DC metro area with superior video production services since 1982, producing some of the region's premier, high-end film, high-definition video, audio and 3D motion graphics. Producers are more than a video production company. Producers work as an extension of their clients' teams, making certain they get the best value for their dollar. With a collective experience, unequaled creativity, passion for good work and commitment to superior customer service, Producers is ready to take on your next creative challenge.

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