Ayrton at Prolight & Sound 2014

See Ayrton in Hall 9.0 Booth E70

Last year Ayrton surprised the entertainment lighting world with a totally new concept for a moving-head: the MagicPanel™602. Following its introduction at Prolight + Sound 2013, Ayrton’s revolutionary MagicPanel™602 launched its spectacular career with major artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Kelly Clarkson, Wiz Khalifa, Motley Crue, Mylène Farmer, Stromae, Black Sabbath and Florida Georgia Line featuring these brilliant, graphic beam projectors on their 2013 tours.

Ayrton continues to focus on the development of fixtures that provide lighting designers with powerful and exciting new tools, creating unique products that expand the possibilities of Light in Action.

Prolight + Sound 2014 will prove no exception as Ayrton chooses the show as a forum to launch three new products: NandoBeam™S6, WildBeam™R and IntelliPix™R.

NandoBeam™S6: The Big Brother
Twice as powerful as its little brother, NandoBeam S3, NandoBeam S6 is a very compact, ultra-fast moving head. Equipped with 37 RGBW LED emitters, arranged in four ‘crowns’ of independently controlled semi-ring sections, NandoBeam S6 shares the S3’s same lightweight optical system and ultra fast 5:1 zoom.

Designed primarily for use on concert stages and in television production, NandoBeam S6 exhibits quick, dynamic movement along with Ayrton’s fabulous saturated colour palette and a powerful 8° to 40° beam spread.


WildBeam™R: The Snappy New LED Beam Light
WildBeam™R is a spectacular new addition to the Ayrton line. It couples seven individually controlled 15W RGBW LEDs with brand new, 67mm collimators - a world-première combination - to create an astonishingly powerful, compact luminaire with a sharp 4.5° beam.

Using less than 130W, including pan and tilt motors, WildBeam’s optical output produces a 2,500 lumen shaft of light and hits a record-breaking 90% efficiency, while advanced 3-phase stepper motors make WildBeam capable of snappy, dynamic moves. All this at a great price, so ‘less’ really does mean ‘more’!

IntelliPix™R: 5 x 5 LED Beam Panel
Ayrton’s new IntelliPix™R is a modular beam projection panel of twenty-five independently controllable 4.5° LED emitters, arranged in a 5 x 5 array, which are designed to project graphics and media far into the air.

Connect multiple panels together easily into a semi-transparent wall to form a giant screen, or place under glass to create a projection floor that can wrap a performing artist in dynamic columns of light.

IntelliPix’s IP65 rating ensures it is ready to perform come rain or shine.


AYRTON is specialized in developing intelligent LED light products for Entertainment and Architectural applications.
Based south of Paris, France, the AYRTON Headquarters and Research & Development centre combine and organize the highest competence in engineering, software, electronics and optics, with the aim to create highly innovative fixtures.
AYRTON fixtures are created to answer any demanding installation and criteria, and are distributed through devoted and exclusive worldwide teams. AYRTON uses reliable, flexible and avant-garde technologies linked to innovative design, to provide AYRTON customers with a wide range of pioneer lighting solutions for installation in Stages, TV Studios, Show-venues and Architectural schemes.