AXON's Cerebrum Makes Liaoning HD Broadcast Master Control More Intelligent ...

... and Easier to Use

Liaoning Radio and Television, one of the earliest launched televisions in China, launched its HD satellite broadcasts on 7th July 2014 which covers the whole country. The project included two HD channels and one HD master control system which were executed with AXON's signal processing equipment Synapse and, for the first time in a provincial television station in China, monitored and controlled by AXON's Cerebrum.

Cerebrum can control and monitor thousands of devices supporting the SNMP protocol, AXON's ACP protocol or Generic Devices protocol. It can also control and monitor at the same time matrixes, broadcasting switchers, multiviewers, peripheral devices, waveform monitors, encoders, fiber transmissions and so on.In case of Liaoning Cerebrum is used to monitor the two large screens which are used to display the signal flow chart, the geographical locations, the real-time monitoring of the entire broadcast signal working condition, and the key nodes in the signal window which show low real-time video streams. Cerebrum enables a simple, clear and intuitive way of setting, adjusting and judging for the personnel on duty of any faults by a sound and light alarm.

Another highlight of Cerebrum is the "hard & soft" control mode which adopts the Cerebrum traditional hardware control panel (CCP***) to the customer functional requirements.  The commonly used control- buttons and settings can easily be customized on the hardware control panel, not only the panel button colors but also the Chinese character can be adjusted in an intuitive way.


Cerebrum also made sure that there was no need any more for multiple different manufacturers control panels through using universal CCP panels with a unified design. This reduced the number of operational errors and generated cost and space savings.

Part of the Cerebrum installation was the installation and configuration of a master and a redundant server which guarantees the reliability and safety of Liaoning's broadcast environment for a long time.


Liaoning Radio and Television is very satisfied with the results using AXON's intelligent monitoring and control system in their new project, it not only reached the originally link monitoring function but also realized pictorial efficient operation management.

AXON started the design of the Cerebrum control and monitor software with a wide application in many international large media and broadcasting companies in mind.  Recently it has been applied in OB vans, studios and play-out systems.

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