Axon Launches Monitoring and Control Software at NAB 2014

Axon product lines

Axon Digital Design, supplier of signal processing, compliance recording and monitoring & control software, will launch its Cerebrum monitoring and control software at this year's NAB (booth N4606).

Control and monitoring made easy
Where software normally is either specialized for use for control or for monitoring of broadcast devices Cerebrum combines both applications. Flexibility is essential in today’s broadcast environment. Cerebrum delivers the customizable control and monitoring interface for a wide range of devices from different manufacturers - including routers, production switchers, servers, receiver decoders, multiviewers and waveform monitors - using either SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or third party protocols.

Master control and production mixer
Axon has recently introduced its modular master control SynMC and modular production mixer SynLive which engines both fit in the Axon signal processing product line Synapse. SynMC allows you to take complete control of your automation and transmission hardware and software panels.
SynLive is a modular live production video mixer. Offered as one package SynLive consists of a basic setup of modules that can be customized all the way up to a small 4K four wire set. The mix engine has 2 DVE’s and 2 engines can be cascaded if needed.


Compliance recording & loudness monitoring
At NAB Axon will launch the loudness monitoring and logging option for the compliance recording / video air check product line TRACS. Driven by Emsytech Hummingbird Loudness Meters®, all audio (up to 8 stereo pairs) is measured for Momentary Loudness (400ms), Short-term Loudness (3s) and Integrated Loudness (Loudness measured over the last hour continuously). During live play or playback of the recorded content, the Momentary, Short term and Integrated measurements are shown in audio bars, in sync with the video. The course of the loudness levels during a user defined period of time can be shown in a loudness history graph which can be exported to .pdf or .csv files

NEW Up/Down/Cross conversion module
Axon's signal processing product line Synapse is enhanced with a high-quality up/down/cross converter (GXG400), which is also available in a dual channel version (2XG400). This high end up/down/cross converter ensures the absolute best quality video conversion from any standard to any standard within the same framerate. The card allows simulcasting any output standard in any format from any source standard.


About Axon
Headquartered in The Netherlands, and with offices across the world, Axon develops, manufactures and markets high quality broadcast equipment for the conversion, processing and compliance recording of audio and video signals. Products integrate advanced signal processing techniques, innovative engineering and modular flexibility and provide high quality, affordability and reliability within mission-critical broadcast applications.