Axon Celebrates 25th Anniversary at NAB 2012

Axon Showcases Workflow Control Software, Loudness Control Solutions & Cost-Effective SynLite AV Modules at Booth # N4624

Significant new developments to its Cortex broadcast workflow control software application, new loudness control solutions and a highly cost-effective variant of its industry-leading Synapse AV signal processing modules will form the heart of Axon’s most sophisticated ever showcase (booth N4624) at NAB 2012 and coincides with the company’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

Workflow control software - Making its debut at NAB, the latest version of Axon’s Cortex software application makes the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. Cortex provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor and maintain a diversity of devices including Axon’s Synapse range of control modules and other third-party products. Consequently, users take total control over multiple and complex routines involving numerous users, enabling them to configure workflows exactly how they wish to meet specific production needs. The new Tally and Mnemonic options provide a user to interface for signal processing and routing equipment using native protocols and/or GPI units in order to operate various display and tally devices. The Generic Devices option allows for interfacing to a number of third party devices using their native control and/or monitoring protocols.

Loudness control - With the recent introduction of legislation in many international markets, the issue of loudness control is key to broadcasters worldwide. The challenge is to integrate a solution that meets broadcasters’ requirements without imposing on their operations or draining resources.

New to NAB, Axon’s single form factor cards can be integrated to work with each other to provide very powerful loudness control solutions. Now, the company has developed an integrated solution to the USA’s FCC CALM ACT requirements, which broadcasters can seamlessly integrate and can be put in place in minutes rather than hours. At NAB, Axon will showcase two Loudness Control packages that are designed for USA station application.


New cost-effective modular AV processing system – During its 25 year history, Axon has developed the market’s most sophisticated modular AV processing system – Synapse. However, there will always be a class of applications where all the options and features presented by Synapse could result in an over engineered solution. In this scenario, more basic, straightforward and easily affordable modules will meet the application’s needs.

To address these needs, Axon has created SynLite - a series of modules for a.o. frame syncing, embedding, de-embedding, up- and down conversion. Based on the same robust and high quality design as the other Synapse modules, SynLite modules are ready for heavy-duty use.

Long-time video delay - At NAB, Axon will introduce new Synapse modules including a long time HD/SD-SDI uncompressed video delay. It can store and delay up to 1 hour of SD material including all blanking as RAW data. Compared to competitive server based solutions the SLD100 can be considered as very green. The unit can be used for +1 hour broadcasts or for profanity checks.