Axon brings Master Control SynMC to Broadcast & Cable 2013

Modular broadcast infrastructure specialist, Axon Digital Design, will arrive at this Broadcast & Cable (Axon will be present at booth D7 from channel partner Line Up and C12 from channel partner Libor) with a technology and business focussed showcase that highlights the importance it assigns to developing its business operations in the Latin American region.

Synapse Master Control
SynMC, a Synapse based modular Master Control System, has a high quality master control and branding processor for 3G, HD and SD SDI signals. The SynMC system can provide up to four keying layers and 2D DVE’s. With the SynMC System Axon offers audio processing functions, including stereo to 5.1 Upmixing, Dolby decoders/ encoders, and sophisticated Metadata processing simply by inserting these cards in the system. SynMC can be controlled in multiple ways, like automation, hardware and software panels. Integration with Axon’s SynView Multiviewer is easy.

Synapse Dolby & Loudness solutions
Axon’s Synapse modular broadcast infrastructure system also houses a wide range of audio solutions from distribution, through loudness control to Dolby Digital Plus encoding/decoding. Synapse has been able to process Dolby Digital (Plus) for many years. In fact Axon was encoding DD+ in hardware before Dolby did with the introduction of our DDP14 in 2006.


Within Synapse it is possible for example to decoded Dolby E to PCM in a single module. This one card solution (DBD28) is perfectly fit for broadcasters who have this legal necessity. In addition to the extensive Dolby Decoding capabilities this card can add a voice activated (or triggered by GPI) Voice Over signal to any of the decoded streams or plain PCM streams that could enter the unit . Another popular Dolby module is the GPD100 which is designed for transcoding Dolby D to Dolby Digital Plus, again a single board solution which makes transcoding efficiently and cost effective.

Also for loudness control Synapse has solutions. Modules equipped with Linear Acoustics as well as Jünger algorithms are available.

Axon’s monitoring solutions
Axon provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor and maintain a diversity of devices, including Axon’s Synapse range, but also third-party products. Consequently, users take total control over multiple and complex routines involving numerous users, enabling them to configure workflows exactly how they wish to meet specific production needs. The Tally and Mnemonic options provide a user to interface for signal processing and routing equipment using native protocols and/or GPI units in order to operate various display and tally devices. The Generic Devices option allows for interfacing to a number of third party devices using their native control and/or monitoring protocols.


About Axon
Headquartered in The Netherlands, and with offices across the world, Axon develops, manufactures and markets high quality broadcast equipment for the conversion, processing and compliance recording of audio and video signals. Products integrate advanced signal processing techniques, innovative engineering and modular flexibility and provide high quality, affordability and reliability within mission-critical broadcast applications.