AVIWEST to Introduce DMNG RACK180 Advanced Hybrid Contribution Video Encoder

AVIWEST, the world leader in portable video uplink systems for live streaming over bonded 3G/4G cellular networks for broadcast and defense applications, announces the launch of a new product range: the DMNG RACK Series. The DMNG RACK180 is an advanced hybrid contribution video encoder designed to be installed in newsgathering vehicles.

Integrated with AVIWEST's SafeStreams® technology, the DMNG RACK180 expands the capabilities of newsgathering vehicles by taking advantage of both satellite and cellular networks in various scenarios. Bonding cellular and satellite connections maximizes the overall transmission capacity. It also ensures the transmission resilience since bonded cellular connections act as a seamless back-up to satellite when weather conditions or congested networks make the satellite bandwidth fluctuate. Live high-definition video or recorded files can also be transmitted over bonded cellular networks from a moving vehicle.

Based on the same hardware and software cores as the industry-leading DMNG PRO180-RA portable transmitter, the DMNG RACK180 has eight 3G/4G modems, one Wi-Fi modem and dual best-in-class H.264 video encoders, all housed in a compact 1U rack-mount chassis that makes it easy to integrate into newsgathering vehicles.


The DMNG RACK180's average power consumption is 30 watts, and its maximum is 42 watts. The DMNG RACK180 has several video inputs (HD/SD-SDI, HDMI 1.3, composite video and analog audio) plus other interfaces including an ASI-MPEG-2 transport stream output, two Gigabit Ethernet outputs, two USB-2 ports, and an SD memory card slot. Eight SMA connectors located on the rear panel allow the connection of two AVIWEST QUAD wideband cellular antenna arrays. The QUAD antenna arrays can be easily installed on the roof of any vehicle. They are designed to strengthen signal delivery in critical environments such as live reporting from crowded areas or transmission on the move.

Local configuration and monitoring can be performed via the front-panel touchscreen, with a video preview feature, or via the unit web interface. The DMNG RACK180 can also be controlled remotely from an AVIWEST DMNG Studio receiver or from the AVIWEST network management system, the DMNG Manager.

AVIWEST will introduce the DMNG RACK180 advanced hybrid contribution video encoder on booth SU9113 at the NAB 2014 Show in Las Vegas, April 7-10.


AVIWEST is a high technology company offering the world’s most advanced portable video uplink systems for live streaming over bonded 3G/4G cellular networks. Headquartered at Saint-Grégoire in western France, AVIWEST operates worldwide through its sales offices and distribution network.
AVIWEST helps its customers respond to the challenges of remote live newsgathering and surveillance by developing innovative, professional, portable, cost-effective and reliable video solutions that can be used from any location around the world.
Implementing AVIWEST’s core expertise in video and wireless networks applied to digital newsgathering, the AVIWEST DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) total system has been adopted by tier-1 broadcasters in more than 60 countries to cover breaking news and live events.
Wherever news happens and whatever the networks available (multiple 3G/4G cellular wireless networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, satellite), the DMNG system enables video professionals to capture and broadcast live HD video using a full range of mobile devices, from tablets and smartphones to the patented industry-leading DMNG PRO180 transmitter.