Avid S3L in a Compact, All-New Networked Architecture is Now Shipping

HDX-powered DSP engine, modular design, Ethernet AVB and EUCON open network standards redefine professional live sound mixing

The all-new Avid Venue S3L is a modular, networked live sound system based on the HDX floating-point mix engine running Venue software and AAX DSP plug-ins. Each S3L system includes the Eucon-enabled S3 control surface (also compatible with Pro Tools and other DAWs), E3 “engine,” up to for Stage 16 remote I/O boxes (for scaling the system from 16 to 64 inputs), Venue and Pro Tools software, a plug-in bundle, and a bundle of cables, accessories, and user guides. The S3L supports integrated live sound mixing and multitrack recording — S3L will handle up to 64 channels of direct recording/playback through a laptop Ethernet port

WHAT:    Avid S3L, with a brand new modular, networked design for live sound mixing, is now shipping. Avid S3L provides the performance, sound quality and features that countless live sound professionals have come to rely on in a system architecture that’s built for the future. The new modular Avid S3L System is comprised of an innovative high-performance HDX-powered processing engine running VENUE software and AAX DSP plug-ins, scalable remote I/O, a compact EUCON-enabled control surface, and Pro Tools software for integrated live sound mixing and recording.


WHO:    For artists and musicians, S3L delivers the audio clarity and familiar studio processing Avid’s preeminent community of customers need to sound and perform their best. For engineers, having a high-performance engine at the core empowers them to create richly layered mixes quickly and champion their clients’ signature sounds, without worrying about technical limitations. The streamlined networked design simplifies system set-up and configuration with drag-and-drop functionality, while direct Pro Tools recording and mixing capabilities open opportunities for live album releases. The compact S3L System is easy to take on tour or install in any club, theater, house of worship, or other performance venue to efficiently and easily respond to a broad range of demands.

WHEN:      S3L is now shipping

WHERE:     S3L and other top-tier Avid integrated solutions can be purchased at authorised Avid resellers.


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