Available from Pyser-SGI: Fujinon ZK4.7x19

The newly launched Fujinon ZK4.7x19 lightweight PL mount zoom with detachable servo is already proving immensely popular

Fujinon’s newly launched ZK4.7x19 lightweight PL mount zoom lens with detachable servo proves immensely popular with broadcasters and cinematographers from the word go!

UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited is pleased to announce the availability of the new, already highly successful ZK4.7x19 lightweight PL mount zoom lens from Fujinon.

Featuring a detachable servo drive unit that is exclusive to Fujinon, the extremely versatile ZK4.7x19 can be used as a standard PL lens for cine style operations or as an ENG type professional broadcast lens, and has the longest focal range available in a lightweight zoom.


A record breaker!
Said Paul Goodwin, Pyser-SGI’s Divisional Head, Broadcast and CCTV Products: “The new ZK4.7x19 - introduced only recently at this year’s NAB - is proving a real winner. We have already sold them to high end rental companies, and are in the process of dealing with further orders. All the launch stock ordered for the Fujinon operation in the USA sold out at NAB, and other worldwide orders are being taken for months ahead. This is probably the most successful launch of a new lens in Fujinon’s long and impressive history!”

Suiting both ENG and cine style operations …
Also featured in the ZK4.7x19 lens is flange focal distance adjustment, and macro function, and it is also LDS (Lens Data System) and  /i metadata compatible.
Both ENG camera operators and cinematographers will be perfectly comfortable with the ZK4.7x19. With the detachable servo drive removed the lens accepts industry standard cine motors and matte boxes. Moreover, the ZK4.7x19 offers all the lens data output required for cine style operation, with the LDS and /i metadata compatibility proving of great benefit when the position information data of zoom, iris and focus needs to be recorded for computer animation and other uses.


The digital servo on the lens has 16-bit encoding, so extreme accuracy of the data output is assured.

… and accommodating different sensor sizes
Whilst sensors on standard broadcast cameras are all the same size, those on digital cine cameras vary greatly. To accommodate this variation, the ZK4.7x19 covers up to a 31.5 mm sensor size on a digital cine style camera to ensure optimal full-frame resolution.

Another design feature on the new lens is the nine-blade iris, helping create the most natural looking images possible.

Long focal range plus low weight
The long focal range of the lens is from 19 up to 90 mm, and the weight is only 2.7 kg – even with the servo motors.

Barrel markings on ZK4.7x19 are luminous for operation in dark conditions, and distances are given in either field-selectable feet or metres.


About Fujifilm in Europe
Nowadays Fujifilm entities operate in over 50 group companies in Europe and employ more than 5,000 people engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service support. Throughout Europe they serve a range of industries including medical, chemical, graphic arts, electronic materials, optics, recording media, motion picture, and photographic technologies. FUJIFILM Europe GmbH (Duesseldorf, Germany) acts as Strategic Headquarters for the region and supports its group companies in Europe by formulating marketing and corporate strategies. In 2011 a merger of Fujinon (Europe) GmbH into FUJIFILM Europe GmbH was carried out. Before the merger Fujinon (Europe) GmbH operated mainly in two market segments: Endoscopy Systems and Optical Devices. Over many years Fujinon had been one of the foremost pioneers in the development of optical technology. Based on continuous research, long experience and leading-edge technology, Fujinon branded products provide quality of the highest standard in the world for Broadcast and Cine lenses, Binoculars, lenses for CCTV and Machine Vision applications as well as special custom made optical products e.g. in mobile phones and automobiles. At the time of merger the Optical Devices business was established as a new European Business Domain within the FUJIFILM Europe organization.

Pyser-SGI Limited
Pyser-SGI Limited offers all round capability in the supply and service of equipment for the broadcast and professional video, film and 3D markets. The company is the UK/Ireland distributor for the Fujinon range of Studio, EFP, ENG, HDTV, Cine and INS lenses and accessories, TVLogic brand HD LCD Multi-Format and OLED monitors, and the Porta-Brace range of field production cases and accessories.