Audiotonix announces its partnership with Group One Ltd

Audiotonix announces its partnership with and the appointment of Group One Ltd as the new Calrec Distribution in the USA

Group One Ltd is the new Calrec Distribution in the USA

Calrec are pleased to announce the appointment of Group One as their distribution partner for the USA. This will be effective from October 3rd 2016.

This move will enable Calrec to expand its market breadth across the USA and continue to maintain high levels of service as business increases with the expanded portfolio, including the newly launched Brio36 compact broadcast console and Remote production RP products.

This will not affect Calrec's relationship with Studio Consultants Incorporated (SCI) who have worked with Calrec for many years, and will continue their dedicated Calrec sales and support work in the East coast regions in conjunction with Calrec and Group One.


In recent years Calrec have delivered the highest levels of customer care and service in the USA through the operations of Calrec America. With the new arrangements, we are pleased to announce that the entire Calrec America team have been incorporated into Group One to provide for uninterrupted continuity of sales, service and support to our customers.

James Gordon, Audiotonix CEO, confirms "Having worked with Jack for a number of years it made perfect sense for Audiotonix to partner with Group One. Jack has always been a significant member of the DiGiCo team, but moving him to family status and having him now working with Calrec is the ultimate for us and our clients."


Nigel Beaumont, Calrec MD added "Group One have an exemplary record over many years of supporting customers, both new and established, with effective and efficient solutions to their challenges. They have grown through working with customers and understanding their needs. They can be relied on to be there when they are needed, and that's always been the Calrec way too."

Dave Letson, Calrec Sales Director, also commented "Jack Kelly and his team have delivered continual sales growth and customer support for this market over a number of years. With a dedicated national support team, and digital expertise in terms of both sales and service, they know this market and are best placed to become our partner. We are delighted to have them as part of the team."


Jack Kelly, President of Group One, sums it up "Over the last few years the Calrec and DiGiCo sales teams have worked closely together in the U.S., collaborating on customers that benefited from solutions from both brands. It seems a natural fit to formalize that cooperation, and to look to how we will continue to build our Calrec and DiGiCo sales and support front line team in the USA. Having the further investment from Audiotonix will allow us to build on the business and offer even more benefit to our clients in the future. It does mean I have to spend more time with those Brits!"