Audiopole Brings Studer Vista X to French Market with Paris Launch Event


In an event dedicatedto educating loyalists and potential customers alike, French distributorAudiopole recently showcased the revolutionary new HARMAN’s Studer Vista X andits Infinity Core technology in Paris. Held at the restaurant Archibald inParis, Jean-Philippe Blanchard of Audiopole presented the Vista X and InfinityCore to more than 50 end-users and journalists in attendance.

TheStuder Vista X console is truly the first of its class in broadcast soundmixing. By using aviation-standard system redundancy that takes advantage offour processors and two independent DSP cores with instant change-overs, thisconsole is able to overcome failures evident in conventional TDM-based systems.While it borrows previous Soundcraft/Studer technologies such as VistonicsTMtouchscreen and FaderGlowTM channel illumination, it alsodelivers a mind-blowing 800+ audio channels and 5,000 inputs and outputs, allwith superb sonic quality.

Studer Vista X


“Asthis is the first public presentation of the Studer console and the InfinityCore in France, we are proud to officially present this new technology to thethriving French broadcast market. France is really one of the main Europeanmarkets for Studer, we have already sold over 100 Vista consoles in France andwe hope to sell many more,” said Blanchard. “At this event, the end-users andnetwork broadcasters in France were able to get their hands on the console theyhave been waiting for. By offering huge capacity and processing power thatintegrates well with existing infrastructures, the Studer Vista X is engineeredto the highest standards of the industry and is a true reflection of theservices that we provide. Our customers were also able to check the newsoftware version for Vista 1, which now includes Lexicon effects as well as thefeatures of the Vista Remote Bay.”

StuderEuropean Sales Director Karl Chapman also attended the event. “We have had terrific feedback from our customers here in France andelsewhere around the world,” he said. “The Vista X and the Infinity Core is anexciting step forward in technology that offers our customers even greaterflexibility and resilience when designing system solutions.”


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