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Audio Recording and Live Broadcasting App for iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, and PC

AETA Launches Professional Audio Recording and Live Broadcasting App for iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, and PC

AETA AUDIO Systems has announced the launch ofeScoop, the most complete professional audio recording and broadcasting toolfor devices including iPhones®, iPads®, Macs®,and PCs. eScoop provides breakthrough facilities for recording, editing,transmitting, and publishing audio for live broadcasting, allowing users torecord and transmit simultaneously through mobile wireless networks and ondesk-based IP networks as a client or a server.

Developed in collaboration with the Dutchpro-audio developer Technica Del Arte (TDA), eScoop supports many protocolssuch as SIP as well as both one-way SHOUTcast/Icecast streaming and two-waystreaming when a return channel is required. In addition to broadcasting livematerial, eScoop also enables the playout of prerecorded material whilebroadcasting. A simple editing tool allows the user to isolate any item beingused.

Available now as an app for the iPhone, the iPad,Macs, and PCs, and with an Android™ version available soon, eScoop makes iteasy for reporters in the field to capture live audio instantly and broadcastit with professional quality codecs, without specialist equipment other than anexternal microphone, if required. The wide range of built-in codecs includesMP2, AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2, G711, and G722, and eScoop is the firstprofessional software codec to include support for the N/ACIP standard. A highdegree of service protection is guaranteed by the use of the SIP protocol,which makes it easier to establish a connection and maintain network security throughsession border controllers.


"The design of eScoop is focused onconvenient, easy use in the pressure of a live situation," said ClaudiaHaase, international sales manager at AETA AUDIO Systems. "eScoop's veryclear and elegant interface allows anyone at an event to set up a link to thestudio and begin broadcasting audio within seconds, choosing from a wide rangeof professional formats. eScoop will be an invaluable tool for reportersreacting rapidly to unfolding news, and will help widen the contribution ofcrowd-sourced coverage of many different events. With eScoop, anyone with aniPhone can be a live reporter."

eScoop is available now from €319

Test versions can be requested by calling +33 14136 1262.