ASPEC Merges with PLASA


From January 2014 ASPEC members will be operating under the umbrella of PLASA, an international trade association serving the entertainment technology industries, as full members of that organisation and acting as a special interest group that continues to focus on the needs of the film, television and broadcast community.

Members of ASPEC will benefit greatly from PLASA's knowledge, experience and resources. ASPEC will be working closely with PLASA's Production Equipment Rental Group (PERG), its counterpart group based in North America, discussing and sharing common rental issues which affect all those involved in the sector. It will be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

ASPEC has operated in its present format since 1994, comprising many of the UK's facilities companies in the film, television and broadcast industries. It will continue to be a leader in the key areas of training, qualifications, health & safety, security and legislation. At present ASPEC and PERG are heavily involved in striving to reduce the global levels of fraud and equipment theft.


In upholding the very necessary standards and qualifications in the workplace ASPEC is involved in training at all levels and works closely with Skillset and Assessment Centres on standards, qualifications and apprenticeships. Health & Safety is vital to the industry and through frequent meetings ASPEC passes on valuable information through its members and co-chairs the Film Broadcast Health & Safety Group (FBHS).

ASPEC members meet frequently to keep fully abreast of the ideas, events and projects essential to their crafts. Regular guest speakers advise members on safety, legal, transport, technical, financial, insurance and production matters.


ASPEC's Chair, John Rendall, and Secretary, Kate Furssedonn, will remain in their current positions. John commented, "We look forward with enthusiasm to a very positive and constructive future within PLASA."