ASL Intercom Brings Ultimate Versatility To Tivoli Vredenburg’s Comms


Designed to attract over 500,000 visitors each year, Utrecht’s new Tivoli Vredenburg venue covers 31,000m2 and features five auditoriums, 22 dressing rooms, 11 circulation spaces and 24 bars/restaurants. Designing a communications system for such a complex venue was a daunting task, but ASL Intercom had the ideal solution.

The city’s Tivoli and Vredenburg venues have been major centres of music for over 30 years. Bringing them together under one roof with the city’s Jazz Centre was achieved by incorporating the existing Vredenburg symphony hall into a brand new, €150m, venue and adding four major new performance spaces around it.

To make each venue within the new Tivoli Vredenburg as versatile as possible, the 22 dressing rooms are not allocated to particular auditoriums/stages. This made the job even more difficult for Utrecht-based Switch Concepts, the company tasked with installing a comprehensive communications system.


The company presented Tivoli Vredenburg with a choice of three systems and the Tivoli Vredenburg technical team chose an ASL digital system as the best solution.

“In a building with nine floors and five different stages, a highly flexible intercom system is required,” says Switch Concept’s Frank Verbeek. “The ability to have both daisy chain and star wiring topologies was a big advantage. ASL’s configuration software was also a key reason why we chose the system, because it is very fast and straightforward to use and it provides all the power you need for this type of environment.”


Main components of the ASL system include DS 4002 master and slave matrix units, 15 DS 85 booster/data repeater units, 24 DS 290 beltpacks, 16 DS gooseneck microphones, 25 tabletop speaker stations (ranging from 32 to two channels), 24 DS130 paging speakers and 18 interface units.

All of the systems’ speaker stations and beltpacks are powered via the CAT-6 intercom lines, meaning that they don’t need a separate power connection, wherever they’re located.

Key to the installation is a DS 130L paging loudspeaker installed in every dressing room, all with override function. Each speaker can be quickly reassigned to any auditorium’s comms in the system’s ConfigurIT software. Also, even if the volume of the stage relay has been turned down, intercom announcements come through to the speaker at a preset level.


“Tivoli Vredenburg is the Netherlands biggest live music venue and we are really pleased that an ASL system was chosen for such a prestigious installation,” says ASL sales and marketing director Susan McLohon. “Tivoli Vredenburg’s core value is that it is ‘for everyone’ and the ASL system will help to ensure that shows run as smoothly as possible for artists ranging from the highest profile star to the most amateur group.”


About ASL
Headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, ASL Intercom BV was established in 1985 by current Managing Director Eric de Bruyn.  Formerly a founding principal a major European sound hire firm, de Bruyn formed ASL Intercom with the immediate goal of building intercoms suited to the extreme demands of live entertainment/broadcast production in both portable and installed systems. The company has since broadened into industrial and commercial applications, and now offers a full line of analog and digital intercom backed by prompt, personalized technical support.