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ARTE chooses BCE for its tapeless and HD workflow migration

The multi cultural European channel, ARTE G.E.I.E., broadcasting programs 24x7 to France,Germany and the rest of Europe chooses BCE as the general contractor for the installation oftheir complete tapeless HD workflow.

The migration to HD of the existing news and production studios

The project consists of the migration to HD of the existing news and production studios, 20editing suites and the playout including 2 control rooms with a multilingual Dolby surroundsystem and a HD/SD simulcast.

BCE will also create a fully tapeless workflow between all the departments of ARTE,ensuring the complete compatibility of the contents between all entities. The workflow willalso be able to release content for multimedia platforms, such as Internet websites, and beflexible to new media integration.

Finally, BCE will also install a Media Asset Management in order to optimize the work for theproduction area.

ARTE, the European culture channel

The public-service television channel ARTE acts as a showcase for the rich cultural diversity ofEurope. Its purpose is « to conceive and produce television programmes which, in a broad sense, arecultural and international in character and conducive to promoting understanding and rapprochementamong Europe’s nations ». ARTE’s policy is to broadcast high-quality national and international coproductionsin cinema, drama and documentaries as well as news, live and performing arts. Based onan Agreement between France and Germany, ARTE is composed of three entities, the headquartersin Strasburg and two members, ARTE France in Paris and ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH in Baden-Baden. The channel is financed through the television licence fee in both countries. ARTE isbroadcast simultaneously in French and German all around Europe. Moreover, it has entered intoAgreements with other public service broadcasters like, for instance, RTBF in Belgium, TVP in Poland,ORF in Austria, SRG SSR Idée Suisse in Switzerland, YLE in Finland, BBC in the United-Kingdom,SVT in Sweden and ERT in Greece. ARTE is a strong brand with a high public profile and excellentimage. With its focus on the Future and Europe it stands out from other channels and makes animportant contribution to legitimizing licence fee financed broadcasting. Its exceptional creativity andthe high quality of its programmes are the foundation for ARTE’s success and uniqueness – now andin the future.