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ARRI, Fujinon and Zeiss Join Forces

H. Kimura, Fujinon; C.Bannert, Zeiss; M. Prillmann, ARRI, W. Scherle, Zeiss; S. Matsuki, Fujinon; F. Kraus, ARRI

ARRI, FUJINON and ZEISS announced a strategic partnership designed to utilize the unique strengths of each company in order to create innovative new products for the entertainment imaging community. The agreement consists of an open exchange of ideas, standards and technologies, as well as close cooperation in the development of new products.

Carl Zeiss is globally renowned for its high quality prime lenses, Fujinon is a market leader when it comes to zooms and ARRI is the largest manufacturer of professional motion picture cameras in the world. Together, they represent an unsurpassed concentration of expertise and excellence. By examining, incorporating and improving upon current systems, as well as encouraging third parties to participate in an open discussion, the triumvirate of industry leaders aims to deliver higher customer value than existing solutions can offer. Already, the group offers the existing, unrivaled range of prime lenses that are the result of the decade long partnership between ZEISS and ARRI. Now, the new ARRI/Fujinon Alura zooms are introduced. This is a great benefit for customers who can now shoot with modern primes and zooms that are perfectly matched according to tight specifications.

The group will push developments to encourage more effective integration and communication between cameras and lenses. Beyond the benefits of idealized mechanical and optical synergies, solutions are needed that respond to the needs of today's industry and also combine affordability with enhanced electronic data transfer, thereby simplifying postproduction workflows - especially those that incorporate visual effects elements.

About ARRI

Located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the largest manufacturer of professional motion picture equipment in the world. In 2001, ARRI was converted into a public limited company. The company is involved in all aspects of the film industry: engineering, design, manufacturing, production, visual effects, post-production, equipment rental and laboratory services (film and sound). Manufactured products and technologies include professional digital acquisition with the ALEXA camera, the ARRIFLEX D-21, in addition to camera systems for 16mm, 35mm, 65mm film, location and studio lighting fixtures, digital imaging systems like the ARRISCAN, ARRILASER, ARRICUBE, and ARRI Relativity™. These products and services are offered through a network of subsidiary companies, agents and representatives worldwide.



About Fujinon

In 1944, FUJINON CORPORATION was established to develop the optical instrument business of FUJIFILM group. FUJINON has been successful for the development of optical units for digital still cameras and cellar phones. In 1964, FUJINON lead the world in developing the zoom lens for broadcasting. In 1979, FUJINON developed the world's first HD zoom lens. With its innovative technology such as the aspheric glass lenses with wider apertures and the highest magnification of 101 times zoom lens. Fujinon has established the firm position as a market leader in TV broadcasting lenses. In 2009, FUJINON launched four kinds of HK series of cine zoom lenses corresponding to 4K, and FUJINON acquired a great reputation for cine zoom lenses as well. FUJINON will keep developing new products applying its innovative technology, to satisfy the market demands for the higher resolution zoom lenses in the future.



About Carl Zeiss

The Carl Zeiss Group is a leading group of companies operating worldwide in the optical and opto-electronic industries that generates revenues totaling around EUR 2.1 billion (2008/09). Carl Zeiss offers innovative solutions for the future-oriented markets of Medical and Research Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Lifestyle Products. The company develops and distributes surgical microscopes, diagnostic systems for ophthalmology, microscopes, lithography optics, industrial measuring technology, planetarium technology, optronic products, camera and cine lenses, and binoculars and spotting scopes. The eyeglass business is bundled in the joint venture Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH. The Carl Zeiss Group has approximately 13,000 employees worldwide, including more than 8,000 in Germany. The Carl Zeiss business groups hold leading positions in their markets. Carl Zeiss AG is fully owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation). Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany.


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