ARRI CSC: Full Service Equipment Rental Facility in the North East

ARRI CSC, the largest full service equipment rental group in the United States, has become the only one stop shop in the North Eastern sector. With locations in New Jersey and Florida, ARRI CSC provides camera, lighting, grip and now on-set services to the motion picture industry.

The newly created on-set service department will be headed by Chris MacKarell who will be responsible for the creation and support of effective on-set digital workflow products and services for the ARRI CSC digital imaging departments in New Jersey and Florida and, as Illumination Dynamics, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As a consequence ARRI CSC has enhanced its range of digital equipment. Besides Digital Transfer Stations the rental group has added the ALEXA STUDIO to its inventory and upgraded the majority of the ALEXA camera systems to shoot high-speed. ARRI CSC’s extensive inventory includes a vast selection of optics, film, digital and digital high-speed cameras, the latest lighting, grip and crane equipment as well as a widespread fleet of trucks and generators.


About ARRI CSC:ARRI CSC is a fully owned subsidiary of ARRI Inc. Trading as ARRI CSC in New Jersey & Florida and as Illumination Dynamics in Charlotte and Los Angeles, the Group offers rental equipment & services to the feature film, television, broadcast & events markets.