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Quality is the basis for the creation of all products and profits!

Damar & Hagen ARD-Triaxial Connectors are characterised by high operational reliability and ease of assembly.
The product range includes plug-and-socket connections for the connection of colour television camera cables in television studios, transmission vans and outdoor operation. The connector range with keyed bayonet locking has been VDE-tested and satisfies the demands set by DIN 40050, VDE 0110, 0470 and VDE 0627.

Triax plug-and-socket connectors with additional clamping of the cable sheath have been added to the range. This permits even higher cable tension loads to be accepted. Naturally, these modified connectors can be plugged into the standard versions.

About Damar & Hagen

Damar & Hagen was founded in 1922 by Georg Damar and Georg Hagen. As the company had clear vision and a specific direction right from the start, we can rely on a wealth of experience, quality production and know-how. Owing to continued market orientation, a targeted expansion of the product range, as well as ongoing investment in state-of-the-art tools and machines together with the use of a board range test an measuring methods, Damar & Hagen are able to present a comprehensive range of products used by satisfied customers the world over.
Neverless, it´s the people that count. Our highly-qualified and motivated staff are a guarantee for the success of our company. Continued training and a low staff turnover provide continuity in our processes.
We shall keep the same innovative direction in the future. Quality, individuality and flexibility are applied goals our company strives after for our business partners.