Approximating the Acoustic Ideal as Neutrally as Possible


Professionals who work with ProAudio Technology systems know that the loudspeakers and system amplifiers are very carefully matched.

In order to approximate the acoustic ideal as neutrally as possible, from July 2013 an optimised ProAudio Technology loudspeaker library has been available for the Konfigurator2 software package.

Owing to their linear-phase technology (including FIR), all loudspeakers with a passive crossover (MT10, MT12, M20 and HT16) produce an averaged zero degree phase over 6 octaves up to 20 kHz. Combined with sophisticated, low-loss passive crossovers, our proprietary DSP technology can yield such an overall result.


According to the statements of our users, the acoustic result is impressive.
In other words, the passively separated loudspeakers deliver a system performance that you would expect in the best case, if at all, only from actively separated mid/high-range speakers.

Exemplary – the frequency and phase response of the HT16 top in cut mode


The usability has also been optimised in one go. Each ProAudio Technology loudspeaker can be assigned as you like to any channel on the two 4-channel system amplifiers. And besides the internal FIR filter technology there are other free filters available for every channel. Apart from other parameters, the signal routing of the four amplifier inputs is also freely programmable.

Simply technology instead of round about.