Anton/Bauer Introduces LP Performance Charger Series

New Addition to Charger Line Features Compact, Low Profile Design

Anton/Bauer® – a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of battery, charging and monitoring technologies for the broadcast, film and video industries – has announced that its new LP Performance Charger Series will be available to the marketplace beginning March 15. An addition to the Performance Charger Series, which was introduced at NAB 2014, the LP Performance Chargers deliver the fastest possible charging sequence in a compact form factor.

Available in two configurations, the LP Performance Chargers complement Anton/Bauer’s Digital Batteries and Logic Series batteries, and are available in both Gold Mount® and V-Mount connectors. The LP2 Performance Charger, designed to fit into tight spaces and accommodate ease of travel, offers 2-position simultaneous charging. The LP4 Performance Charger, providing 4-position simultaneous charging, is ideal for larger operations. Both chargers are Wi-Fi ready to ensure ease of fleet management for rental facilities, ENG/EFP/OB vehicles, and broadcast equipment depots.

Ideally suited for shelves, tabletops or compact spaces, the LP Performance Charger Series features an innovative, efficient charging algorithm for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging. The algorithm ensures rapid charging while conserving energy, eliminating waste, and reducing cost of ownership. Software constantly monitors the charging process and discharge curves to ensure that each battery is charged to its peak performance. To ensure maximum efficiency in the field, the LP Performance Chargers automatically detect which battery has the strongest charge and prioritizes it, ensuring that a fully charged battery is always available in the shortest amount of time possible.


“We are very pleased to be bringing our LP Performance Chargers to market,” says Kieran Foster, Vice President of Product Management for Vitec Videocom. “When we introduced the Performance Charger series earlier this year, we knew it was the most efficient charger on the market. However, we were not content to stop there. We’ve added the LP line to ensure that our revolutionary charging system is available to our customers in whatever form factor they might need it.”

The LP Performance Charger Series will be available worldwide through Anton/Bauer dealers and rental houses.

About Anton/Bauer
With more than 40 years of proven experience, Anton/Bauer is recognized as the world’s premier provider of multi-chemistry battery, charging, and monitoring technologies for the professional broadcast, pro-video, cinema and healthcare industries. Established in 1970, Anton/Bauer’s product offerings feature several signature lines, including the leading Gold Mount® system, the Digital Battery™ series, Performance Chargers, and the Academy Award®-winning VCLX series. The company’s industry-standard products are compatible with every camera brand on the market today, while providing top-tier levels of safety, performance and reliability. The brand’s main office is in Shelton, CT, with additional offices in South America, Europe, and Asia.