Antelope Camera Systems at IBC2015

Antelope Camera Systems GmbH will exhibit at IBC Booth O.C02

LMC GmbH (LMC) and Easylooksystems (ELS) announced today that they officially have joined forces to found a new entity called „ANTELOPE CAMERA SYSTEMS GmbH“.

This joint venture will unite two of the market leaders for special camera technologies. The formation of ANTELOPE CAMERA SYSTEMS GmbH will raise the new enterprise into an advanced level of expertise allowing to deliver highest standard camera products to the professional broadcast market.

LMC is a leading worldwide provider of special broadcasting solutions based in Germany. The Antelope ultra slow-motion Camera family is one of LMC´s major products. LMC has developed the first fully integrated de-flickering solution for broadcast ultra slow-motion systems and in cooperation with ELS the development of the Antelope PICO extreme slow motion miniature camera was a major milestone in LMC´s history. The Antelope AIR Extreme Slow Motion + Live Camera System was the industries first stand-alone RF wireless ultra-slow motion camera and is still LMC´s flagship camera system.


„The cooperation with LMC is an ideal case, as it adds a lot of expertise into the new company“ says ELS CEO Gert Kappes. „LMC gained broadcast experience since the early 90s and with the Antelope MkIIs and the Antelope AIR Systems they supply the best gear for our new company. Their large international network will lead to a major business expansion of Antelope Camera Systems GmbH“.

ELS, founded in 1998, is an Germany based equipment manufacturer for innovative broadcast and feature film technology. ELS is specialized on the development of mini cameras and high-speed imaging technology, providing solutions for sport, live action, feature and documentary films. ELS manufactures the worldwide smallest live high-speed camera, "Antelope Pico", which provides stunning new slow-motion perspectives in live broadcast.


„It´s great to have the developers of a strong core technology and highly specialized products on board our new company“ states Felix Marggraff, CEO of LMC. „The formation of Antelope Camera Systems GmbH unites the top dogs in their specific fields and makes it easier and faster to develop, to market and to sell not just ultra slow-motion cameras but a wide range of unique special broadcast products“.

With merging LMC´s and ELS´s expertise Antelope Camera Systems GmbH will be a highly specialized company covering the whole range of development of standard and high frame rate cameras for the relevant international broadcast market.