AMIMON PRO Continues to Support the Professional Camera Wireless HD Market

Amimon extends its portfolio introducing broadcast and aerial solutions at IBC 2013 at Stand 11.G79

AMIMON will demonstrate in IBC2013 the new products in its portfolio of Zero Latency HD wireless video transmitter-receiver modules designed for the professional markets. The new products target Broadcast and UAV segments, featuring a longer range of up to 500m with zero latency. The new systems are best suited for event broadcasting aerial photography, indoor and outdoor shooting, and other professional and industrial applications.

"Amimon continues to expand its Wireless HD product portfolio, offering new and easy ways for camera crews to operate”, said David Shefler, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing. “Longer range for outdoor video shooting with zero latency and HD quality enable producers and directors to improve production efficiency and flexibility at an affordable price,” added Shefler.

Broadcast Solutions
Broadcasting live events presents a challenge in the field, connecting the camera to the uplink gear stationed remotely. The approach of connecting the camera via the 3G network is limited in areas with dense mobile traffic, or with partial coverage; both cause low robustness, high latency and quality drops. Amimon’s Long Range HD wireless solution solves these problems by providing a robust link between the camera and the remote truck equipped with the uplink equipment.


Studio and Outdoor Director Solutions
With multiple cameras spread out at the shooting area, a wireless link gives directors the freedom, flexibility and control needed to create the scene. Amimon PRO’s wireless solutions for studio and outdoor shooting free the director and its crew from the camera. They deliver new capabilities such as time code, bi-directional data transfer and enhanced multi-system operation, in addition to HD picture quality and real-time advantages. The transmitter-receiver modules are available in a variety of form factors, interfaces, and feature-sets. Amimon PRO offers the most affordable HD Wireless modules available for the professional market.

Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles Solutions
Amimon PRO addresses the fast-growing commercial UAV/UGV market, offering a high-performance lightweight wireless HD video solution with near zero-latency (<1msec). It covers a large variety of applications such as aerial photography in movies, public and sport events as well as inspection of facilities such as power line, agriculture and construction. The transmitter module measures only 60mm/90mm, weighs less than 100gr. and consumes less than 5 watts. Amimon applied innovative RF path and new algorithms to improve signal robustness and quality, and to extend the range up to 500m.


AMIMON, a founding member of the WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) standard and a market leader in wireless High-Definition solutions, is the only company that enables zero-latency wireless video. AMIMON’s solutions utilize video-modem to provide users convenience and flexibility to access, control and view content on any remote display. AMIMON’s products are based on its own patented algorithms, semiconductors and modules which is unique in the wireless HD market.

AMIMON is headquartered in Herzlia, Israel, with offices in the USA (Santa Clara, CA), Japan (Tokyo), Taiwan (Taipei), and China (Shenzhen).